TextMagic acquires Voog

Voog team

Starting June 1st this year, TextMagic AS will take over Edicy OÜ, the company behind Voog. This new partnership, is a significant milestone. Voog and TextMagic are joining forces to make Voog even better and reach more people than ever!

In this blog post, we'll dive into the acquisition's details and explore its advantages.

Voog and TextMagic join forces for global success

Voog is known for its outstanding user experience and friendly customer support. Our main goal is always to ensure customer satisfaction, and we have received confirmation of this from many customers over the years.. And now we have found the perfect partner to work with to take Voog to new heights.

This partnership brings together two companies that share passion and commitment to providing software products. The sale opens the doors for improving Voog platform and brings innovative features and functionalities that significantly enhance the user experience.

One of the most significant advantages of joining TextMagic is that Voog can now expand operations worldwide while providing an exciting and immersive experience. So far, we has successfully operated on the Estonian market, but now we want to conquer part of the US and global market as well. Fortunately, we have the perfect partner, with a significant influence in the US market and extensive knowledge in this field.

The sale will allow Voog to grow faster and provide services to a broader audience. We are excited about this opportunity to step over to international success with TextMagic.

Preserving our Company Culture and Talent

At Voog, our dedicated team has been vital to our success, and we deeply value their contributions. All eight members of the Voog team will continue to be part of our journey, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers. As we enter this exciting new chapter and continue to expand, we are also actively seeking additions to our team – developers, marketers, and product specialists – who share our passion and are eager to shape the future of Voog. So rest assured, our team will maintain the same exceptional level of service, if not better.

What is TextMagic?

TextMagic AS is a technology company that trades on the Tallinn Nasdaq First North market. The group operates an A2P SMS platform that provides a user-friendly and efficient text message-based communication solution. TextMagic AS is also developing customer support software Touchpoint, which will be launched at the end of 2023.

In 2022, TextMagic AS had a sales revenue of 13.83 million euros, of which more than 80% came from the USA and the United Kingdom, and an EBITDA of 6.24 million euros. TextMagic ranked 3rd in the Baltic First North stock list with the best investor relations in 2023.


If you have further questions, we are here to answer them with pleasure. Please send us your questions at hello@voog.com, and our team will reply.

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