Using the Code Editor

When site is in customized mode user can access and edit all the files of the design using built-in code editor from bottom menu "Settings", "Template editor". If the site has not been switched to customized mode and the menu element is missing, look here how to switch to customized mode.

Left side of code editor lists all your files. 

Files can be uploaded to the site by dragging and dropping them anywhere in the code editor in browser window. Files are automatically grouped to folders by their mime types. 

  • images/ - all image type files will me grouped here
  • javascripts/ - .js files (scripts in menu title)
  • stylesheets/ - .css files (styles in  menu title)
  • assets/ - all other mime types
The folders and files point to publicly available paths (eg: http://yoursite.com/images/ ). It is  a good practice to keep only assets in these folders, that are directly related to template. Content files and photos (that user can and should manage), are in folders files/ and photos/.

Layouts folder contains all the design layouts that user can pick when adding a new page to site. The code is basic html mixed with liquid markup. To change layout options and type hover the item row and use gears icon. Adding new layouts, components and styles is done using the plus icon after the appropriate category.

are parts of layout code that can be reused in layouts multiple times through {% include %} tag.

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