Managing texts

Manage texts on your Voog site with our powerful toolbar.

As you're adding text to your Voog page, you'll probably want to adjust its style. You can make changes in your website's design with our design editor tool but with the help of our text editing toolbar you can micromanage your texts. 

Text style and formatting

Our toolbar offers you all of the basic styling features - change your font style into bold, italic or underline it with just one click.

You can also format your text style as a title, heading, subheading, normal text and fixed width. They all have their own font size and weight. In addition, you can always type in a necessary font size to its size panel.

Colouring and highlighting text

When you're looking to either colour or highlight your text, just use our colouring tool to activate a palette. You can also type in the colour code to the 'Custom' field.

Use the underlined Abc button for creating links. See the 'Creating links' chapter to learn more on how to create links in detail.

Aligning text

It's possible to align your text to left, centre and right by clicking on the desired alignment button on the toolbar. In case you'd like to remove the alignment, simply click again on the active alignment option and it will be disabled.

Listing options

Our toolbar offers to list your text with either points or numeration. To list a text that has been already typed in, select it and click on the preferred listing style. 

If you're just starting to type in a list, activate it by clicking on the list style of your choosing and it will be applied to every new row automatically. When you're done, simply disable it by clicking on the currently active listing style.

Table editor

Our toolbar also features a basic table editor which allows you to add a table to your text field. Please see the 'Building tables' chapter to learn how to construct a table in detail.

Map tool

To enable a map powered by Google Maps, just click on the location icon on the toolbar, enter and search the necessary address and click 'Insert'.

Video and HTML tools

To embed a YouTube or Vimeo video, or an embeddable widget, simply click on the camera or HTML tool icon on the toolbar and paste the video link or embedding code to the upcoming field. Then, click 'Insert' to add it to your Voog page.