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Which addresses can you use with Voog?

Get your website up and running on any domain you want. Take for free, buy from Voog or import your own.

Why do I have to choose a domain upon signup?

When you sign up to Voog, you are asked to take an address like This is necessary for several reasons. For one, this will always stay as your technical address. You do not have to use it for publicity and you can always add any other domain name (or names) as well, but this will always be the address from which you can access your domain. Also, this helps us to identify your website for offering a better support and assistance if needed.

So which domains can I use?

You can use our free address, such as
You can also buy different most commonly used domains from Voog, such as .com, .eu, .org and so on.

If you already have a domain you want to use with your website, you can also add (term most commonly noted as 'importing a domain') it your website.

PS! Please do note that you do have to subscribe to Voog for buying or importing personal domains.

How many domains can I use with my website?

Your website can have as many domains as you wish. By default, they all lead to the homepage of your website. But if needed, we can direct them to any page or subpage you like. Just drop as a line at