Changing page addresses

All of the pages on your website have automatically generated addresses which can be always changed according to your personal preference.

After creating a new page and choosing its name, our system automatically offers a respective web address for it. Nevertheless, it's always possible to change it. 

Changing the URL of a page

Enter the page of the URL of which you'd like to change, click on 'Page' on the menu bar and replace the current page address from the upcoming menu.

Changing the url slug in the page settings
NB! Always save changes after you've finished with your configurations.

As an alternative, you can also change your page addresses via the 'Structure' menu. Simple access it from the 'Content' panel and proceed to the correct language from the upcoming page.

Clicking the gear icon in the structure view to open the page's settings

Click on the 'Settings' link behind the desired page name and simply change its address from the upcoming menu.

By the way, it's not possible to change the address of the front page from this menu. Your front page doesn't have a separate page address. The front page's address is the webpage URL. Feel free to look at options to add more free Voog addresses to your site if you're looking to change the site address.