How to add product pages and product categories to my online store?

Creating product pages and categories is a feature only available in our online store templates. In order to create a product page and category you just have to create a new page and select the right layout.

The structure of your online store

In order to start creating your product pages and categories choose one of our online store templates. After choosing one of the templates take some time to see the structure of the template and think what your store structure should look like.

Cursor pointing at 'Structure' button in editors view of products page

Different page layouts

The layout named 'Product' is a page for one product. We have kept the design of that layout simple and classical — you can add a product picture, additional gallery, information etc — whatever content you please. 'Product list' is a layout that will display all its subpages as a list. This layout is also very simple and classical as seen in almost every online store there is.

Highlighted column of page layouts
It is important to understand that the layout for 'Store' is 'Product list'. It means that if all of this page's subpages will be displayed as a listing. If the layout for the subpages is 'Product' then there will be the listing of products on the 'Store' page. If the layouts for the subpages are 'Product list' then there will be a listing of categories. You can create however complex structure for your online store using these two layouts.

How to change the structure of my online store and delete categories?

In order to access your site structure click Content > Structure from the admin panel. Rearranging the structure is easy — just drag a specific page wherever you want. If you would like to delete a category, you first need to drag out or erase all the subpages from the category and then simply delete the category ('Product list') page.

Cursor pointing at trash bin icon on the same line of a category

To delete a product page just click on the trash bin on the right.

How to add a product page or category?

To add a product page, go to a page that has a 'Product list' layout (e.g. Store). Then click '+Add' on that same page and create a new page with the 'Product' layout. And if you would like to create a new category create a new page but choose 'Product list' as the layout.

Cursor pointing at 'Add' button in editors view of a demo store page