Build a powerful webstore on Voog

Tõnu Runnel


One can never please all potential customers with a single product. Even for a specific tool like a website builder, there are endless possible angles for solving it. Truly great products focus on just a handful of functionalities. One product might be great for building newspaper websites, another helps small retailers set up their webstores, yet another is perfect for creating event websites and so on.

Still there’s no need for leaving each user’s specific requirements unresolved. In order to comply with everyone’s unique needs, best tools provide them with completely open APIs which allow deep integration with other products. No tool is great for everything so it’s usually the best strategy to combine multiple products.

Voog is great for building beautiful, informative websites. Many users have been asking for one specific addition to that angle — they want to build online shops too. Yet there is no great solution out there which would combine both of these worlds. Powerful store engines lack options for easily building useful and good-looking websites. They only focus on the store views and the checkout process. Most of the tools that cover both worlds suck on both frontiers.

So we’ve lately studied this field thoroughly and have come up with a solution that works really well. Right now the best way to build a website together with a webstore is to combine Voog with a powerful and integration-oriented online store engine like Ecwid. We’ve just helped one of our customers — Mileedi flower couriers — launch a mobile and desktop friendly website that lets users buy or send flowers online.

Mileedi lets users pay right away, online (credit card, PayPal, direct online bank payment) or fall back to good old offline payments over wire transfer. Their solution also calculates sending fees based on the recipients’ addresses. So actually even Google maps is part of Mileedi’s integrated solution. Ecwid has a number of functionalities geared towards slightly bigger retailers too — inventory tracking, shipping and product options, discount codes. And you can even sell digital products, not just physical stuff.

Mileedi’s website itself is built on and served from Voog. For their end customers it’s a seamless user experience, Ecwid works wonderfully in the background. Mileedi can comfortably edit the contents of the website in Voog or set up and manage products, prices and customers in Ecwid.

It’s not yet implemented in Voog standard themes as an out-of-the-box solution, but we are here to help you launch your beautiful, powerful website anytime. Just drop us a line and let’s get it done!