Top trends people buy online 2022

Ethel Linnasaar

Marketing manager

The world of e-commerce has evolved and changed. Many traditional shops have opened online stores or started to update outdated websites to keep their business.

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E-commerce has evolved exponentially over the last few years, which has also changed the trends in e-shopping. But don't worry, we're here to help - we'll give you all the information you need on online shopping trends. 

What makes the trends change?

Recent years have changed the habits of many customers. People used to order from online shops when the product was not available locally or when it was a major global brand. But now we have reached a point where buying everyday goods online is the new norm.

People are discovering and learning new skills to help them find new online stores they can trust. In the past, it was the bigger global brands that had great online stores, but now everyone has the opportunity to open their own online store. How to do it? Voog is here to help - a simple web-building tool that lets you start your own e-commerce journey and open a completely self-made store.

Fashion industry

Over the past few years, the fashion industry has grown faster than in previous decades. And it continues to grow. Growth is being led by the apparel, accessories and footwear sectors in particular, which have been transformed by the rapid expansion and presence of e-commerce.

erksad riided on uus trend
Bright colours and clothes, a new trend.

The focus is on finding joy in your life and in your products. Bright clothes and colourful palettes are becoming trendy again. People want to be happier, and this is reflected in their clothing – dopamine dressing. After a few years of focusing on neutral tones and materials, colour is being used again to personalize clothing and lifestyles. 

athleisure popular e-commerce
Athleisure is a big trend in the fashion industry and e-commerce.
A new fashion trend is taking off - athleisure. The trend is all about casual, comfortable clothes that are suitable for sporty activities as well as everyday wear. Athleisure is becoming a luxury and is a key growth driver in the sportswear sector. In the past, wearing sportswear was associated only with the words 'trainers' or, if worn on the street, 'lazy' and 'dirty', but today it is normal to wear tracksuit bottoms and tops with a suit.

The main reason for the growth of this trend is the comfort factor. Sportswear combines comfort with style, thus offering the best of both worlds.

Footwear trend in the e-shop
Shoes always go with the fashion trend.

One of the niches that has dominated fashion's ever-changing styles is the footwear industry. This sector has always been able to keep up with fashion and the changes that accompany it. The growth of the footwear industry has been similar to that of the fashion industry, large and fast. Growth has been strongly influenced by the growth of e-commerce and sustainability. Vegan leather is gaining popularity. The material does not affect the style of footwear but is more environmentally friendly.

sustainabilty is very important
Sustainability is very important to customers.
The high growth in e-commerce has also led to higher consumption, which many people disapprove of. Overconsumption leads to more waste and pollution, which is not conducive to sustainability.

The fashion industry is one of the sectors that deepens this problem. The industry generates a lot of waste, and there are often been situations where unethical methods of production are used. However, now that the customer base is more interested in environmentally and people-friendly ways. Many companies have started to become more transparent about their brand values and objectives - focusing more on environmental friendliness - and this has been one of the growth drivers in the fashion sector. From the customer's point of view, sustainability and ethics are a very big part of the product. 

Baby products

Baby products are a very popular field. The needs of parents are constantly changing - the products used depend on the age, place of residence and activities of the children. Needs around babies and children will never go away. There are still so many different possibilities within the field of baby products - from toys to clothes or maybe even find another product/service that would be useful for both the baby and the parent.

e-shop popular products – baby products
The field of baby products is constantly popular and the possibilities in the field are endless.


Travel and tourism are forgotten activities due to the last few years. It's been a long time since people have been able to go to the grocery store, let alone travel and go abroad. These times have taught people to value the outdoors and try new things. Now that we can travel again and discover new countries, demand is growing and people are ready to take advantage of the opportunity. In fact, the whole growth of the tourism industry is not just about travelling abroad, but domestic tourism is also booming again. So it's time to clean up your websites and get your business up and running! 

find cheap trips online, big trend in e-commerce
Travelling has declined during past years and now cheap travel is very popular.

The growth in tourism and people's willingness to travel has also been noticed by many businesses, and they are not letting this opportunity pass them by. They are starting to think of new activities and campaigns to offer their customers. For example, allowing more flexibility in travel planning gives people confidence. Discounts and special offers - from hotels and restaurants to tourist attractions - have also proved to be very popular. This is by no means only on a foreign scale, but domestic tourism is also constantly promoting the discovery of new locations and this has worked very well so far. 


It is clear that the use of technology has increased in every sector in recent years. Home offices and schoolwork distancing has made their own impact. The computer is no longer a choice, but a necessity for everyone.

home office and distance learning affect e-commerce
Working from home is the new normal and affects e-commerce trends. 
Users feel comfortable shopping online. They have learned how to use the internet effectively and can find the best deals. Consumers search and compare different retailers and find the best deal for them. This is possible because there is no loyalty to a particular retailer. But more and more, electronics websites try to create loyalty among customers by coming on the market.

Videogames are rising in popularity and it has their effects on technology and e-commerce.
Videogames are rising in popularity and it has their effects on technology and e-commerce.

Computer games are a fast-growing area in the consumer electronics industry. Consumer demand for computer games has grown in recent years and continues to do so. People have begun to develop their knowledge of both computers and games, and many have even discovered that it is possible to simply upgrade an existing computer to become a gamer. Playing games is seen as a valuable way to pass the time - it stimulates creativity, teaches problem-solving skills as well as reflexes, etc.

The whole field of computer games is rapidly evolving and gaining in popularity. Brands need to establish themselves as industry leaders - like Asus. To this end, they are constantly coming up with exciting new products and games, as well as unique marketing strategies.

Food and drinks

Grocery eCommerce sales have jumped during the past years. Ordering food at home increased as shopping was limited. But now people are discovering that ordering from home is much easier and less time-consuming than going to the shops.

Healthy food is the new trend
Customers want to eat healthily and try new things
Spending a lot of time home makes you want to try new things. There is a desire for new tastes, and many have rediscovered the joy of cooking during this time. The growth is mainly in foods and beverages that have health benefits - supporting the immune system, digestion, energy levels, stress management and cognitive health.

Many have also learned how their eating habits affect the planet. So it's companies, like Amazon, that have made a pledge towards sustainability to reduce waste and maintain healthier eating habits.

Ordering food online is becoming a big trend
The driving force behind this development is fast and easy transport.

E-commerce companies had to start thinking about how to deliver packages quickly and easily. New models and methods for ordering groceries online emerged.

One of the most common models is Click And Collect (buy online and go to the store). There's also Home Delivery, where customers complete all the steps of the purchase digitally. Lastly, there is Last Mile, when the customer has completed the purchase and the food is delivered by the intermediary.

Personal care and health products

It is not surprising that people have become healthier in recent years. The global wellbeing market is worth a lot and 42% of customers say wellbeing is a top priority for them. After months of wearing masks, washing hands and avoiding grounded places, hygiene and health care are on the minds of many.

Taking care of oneself is not just a duty but a necessity. With the global wellbeing industry playing a big part in business, it seems that self-care will continue to dominate in 2022. An even greater emphasis on health, beauty and wellness products is expected.

People want to live the rest of their lives in a healthy and fulfilling way - brands that focus on a healthy lifestyle will appeal. Companies need to start offering technologies that make customers feel safe. While physical stores still lead the way for personal care products, 25% of consumers use e-commerce websites.

Home and garden goods

Furniture and home decoration online sales have started to grow - with the younger generation being the main customers driving growth. This is because generations are growing up and building their first homes. But with high property prices, many are opting for home renovation instead. It's not just the younger generation, the baby boom generation is also starting to focus on their retirement homes or finding new renovation projects.

As people continue to stay at home and work from home, the desire to update their homes continues. People are also starting to modify and personalise their own rental properties to make it 'home' - they want to feel better and more comfortable.

Home renovation has created a trend in e-commerce.
Home renovation has created a trend in e-commerce.

Hobbies and creativity

Toys, games and hobbies were one of the most popular categories sold in online shops in 2021. This also reflects customers' desire to find creative and playful ways to spend their time.

It seems that crafting, playing and other creative activities will continue to play an important role in customers' shopping habits in 2022. People are discovering that creative activities bring joy into their lives and can be done in the comfort of their own homes.

Crafts bring joy and activity into people's everyday lives.
People get more enjoyment out of handmade things.
The importance of online stores has grown. Due to this, the trends in the products that people buy are changing. It is important to keep up with the times. Be trendy and start your own webshop today!