EveryPay bank links

Important information about EveryPay

  • Accept Open Banking payments from the Baltics (Coop (EE), Siauliu Bankas (LT), Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, Citadele and LHV (Estonia only)) and globally via Visa and Mastercard.
  • To sign up, first contact one of their acquiring banks such as LHV Bank, SEB Bank or Swedbank. Signing up through LHV, Swedbank or SEB enables you to set up both card payments and bank links.
  • Read more about transaction fees.
  • More info about EveryPay.

For Standard and Plus plans, the transaction fee is 3% of the total sale. If you wish to eliminate Voog's transaction fees, simply use Voog Pay for processing payments, where no transaction fee is charged. Also, there's no transaction fee with the Premium plan.

Please be aware that before adding a payment method, you should connect your website to a personal domain and create subpage(s) for your privacy policy and terms of use.

How to add EveryPay to my online store?

To sign up, first contact one of their acquiring banks such as LHV Bank, SEB Bank, or Swedbank.

Activating test account

After signing the contract with one of the banks, you'll receive an automatic email from EveryPay to activate your test account. If you don't have the contract yet, you can order the test account from EveryPay directly by contacting them at support@every-pay.com.

Once you've signed up, first log into the EveryPay test portal and go to Settings > General settings. There you'll find the keys API usernameAPI secret key and Processing Accounts which you can later copy and paste into your store settings at Voog.

Necessary steps to activate the EveryPay payment method on your Voog website

  1. Log in to your Voog website and from the toolbar at the bottom select Store > Settings, then in the Settings view that opens, choose Payments.
  2. Click on the Add payment provider button and select EveryPay.
  3. Turn on the Enable provider switch. This ensures that this payment method is activated and will be shown to the buyer in the shopping cart.
  4. UsernameAPI secret key, and Account name fields paste the corresponding keys copied from EveryPay. 
  5. Leave the Sandbox environment mode as it is by default, which is inactive if you wish to accept payments from customers. If you want to test with test keys, then switch the Sandbox environment mode to active and enter the test environment keys.
  6. The URL address in the Return & Notifications section needs to be entered into the EveryPay environment. Copy the Notifications URL below and return to the EveryPay environment, navigate through the menu to Settings > Online Store Settings, and paste this URL into the Payment Notification Reception URL field in the Payments section. Then, click the Save button.
  7. Go back to the Voog environment, select payment methods, and save the changes made.

Testing the payment gateway

Before you can activate your live account, you need to make at least one demo payment. To do that, switch to preview or go to your site while logged out and make a purchase in your store, using one of the payment methods enabled through EveryPay.

Making a purchase with a test account creates an order but no actual payment is made. We recommend to cancel this order afterwards, so it won't affect your inventory or transaction fee.

Activating live account

When the demo payment is successfully completed, log into the EveryPay live portal, go to Settings > General settings, and look up Username, API secret key, and Account name again.
Go back to EveryPay payment setup view at Voog and switch the Sandbox environment mode to inactive, if you wish to accept payments from customers. 
Once again copy the keys from EveryPay and paste them to the corresponding fields, and proceed with the setup as with your test account. Click Save and EveryPay is set up.