Order statuses

You can access a full list of your store orders at the admin panel. There you can view the orders and update their statuses depending on whether they're paid, shipped, or need to be cancelled.

View your orders

You can see your orders when you open Store > Orders. If you’ve inserted the “Store notification email address” upon setting up your store you’ll also receive email notification of each new order.

View of orders list

The general view of orders gives you basic information about each order as shown in the image above. Click on any order to see more information about it. Once you've clicked on one, you can proceed to the Address tab, which lists contact and payment information, and Order details, which lists all the ordered items and their prices. In other words, you have all the necessary information to assemble and ship the order.

View of order details

Order statuses

To better keep track of your orders you can use different statuses to indicate the progress of each order. Note that order status also affects inventory management of the products in the order. To manage your orders more efficiently we’ve separated payment and shipping statuses.

Payment statuses:

  • Unpaid – the order has been placed by the customer but it isn't paid yet. Generally, this status is only necessary for offline payments, since with other payment methods the payment is made during checkout. If an order paid through a bank link or with a credit card goes into "Unpaid" status, it’s most likely caused by a redirecting error between bank and merchant or the customer has abandoned the order halfway through payment. NB! Orders paid with an offline invoice need to be manually changed to "Paid" because the customer makes a payment directly to your bank account and Voog doesn't get notified of this.

  • Paid – the order has been placed and is paid. NB! When an order is placed the products are “booked”, regardless of whether the order is in “Unpaid” or “Paid” status.

  • Pending – you can apply this status to any order you wish to label as “pending”.

  • Cancelled – this status you can also apply yourself in cases when a customer has requested to cancel their order or when you choose to cancel an unpaid order that you consider overdue. Cancelling an order removes the “booking” and the “booked” products become available again.

View of changing payment status options

Shipping statuses:

  • Not fulfilled – by default the shipping status of a new order is “Not fulfilled”.

  • Fulfilled – once you’ve shipped an order you can change it to “Fulfilled”. This removes the “booking” and also removes these units from the inventory.