How to add an online store to your website?

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to set up your first online store.

Adding online store functionality to your website

All our subscriptions (including the 30-day Trial) support e-commerce on your site, so - building an online store has never been easier. Just click on the plus sign and add a 'Products' content area to your site, modify the settings and you're ready.

Setting up the online store

If you have access to the online store functionality you could easily start the set up from Store > Settings.

Cursor pointed at store settings on webpage menu bar

In the Settings view, you need to add your company details and you can set up as many shipping methods as you like.

You can also set your store's VAT percentage. Note, that in order to use decimal places, a full stop character must be used, i.e. 20.5 and there is no need to add a percentage character in the field.

NB! Make sure you have filled all mandatory fields on your store settings page. Otherwise, the online store function will not be enabled.

View of store settings

We have added the line for the Terms & refund policy URL — in order to avoid any trouble we highly recommend adding a link to the Terms & refund policy URL there. The easiest way to do that would be creating another common page, writing down the terms, then hide that page from the menu and paste the link on the created page to the store settings. See our guide about creating the 'Terms & refund policy' page and links here.

Adding products

After initial setup you can start adding products to your store. There are two ways to do that:

  1. Go to Store > Products and click on Add new.
  2. Add a Products content to a store page and click on the +Product button.

Add new products in the 'Products' content area

Either way you’re directed to store settings where you can insert product information. If you added the product straight through store settings, you can later add a Products content area to a desired page. Read more about it in this guide.

Payment methods

The default payment method in our online store is paying with an offline invoice. However, you can easily add various service providers like Makecommerce (Baltics, Finland, worldwide) and PayPal (worldwide), which make collecting money even more convenient for you. More precise information about different payment service providers is available here.


Sales reports are valuable for every shop owner. Upon opening the Reports tab, you can view sales by month and year as well as Voog’s transaction fees. By clicking on a month, you can view the sales during that period and the income from each separate order. These orders may be filtered by date, sum and transaction fees by clicking on Filter. Clicking an order opens the order’s details.

The transaction fee (3% of sales) applies to stores on the Standard or Plus plans — the Premium plan is exempt from transaction fees. We send out an invoice for transaction fees once above the 30 € threshold. Value-added tax is added to the transaction fees. The invoice is sent out once per month.

Reports are updated daily and they are based on orders marked as Paid.