PayPal payments

How do I add PayPal to my online store?

PayPal is a secure way to accept payments worldwide via credit card and PayPal. Your online store customer, however, doesn't need to have a PayPal account.

First thing to do is to read the PayPal terms and conditions, see the pricing, and create a PayPal merchant account.

Adding PayPal as a new payment provider
Log into your Voog account and go to Store > Settings > Payments. Add a new payment provider, select PayPal, and insert your PayPal account e-mail to the designated field. After that you can select the payment methods which will be made available for your customers. Save and proceed!

To synchronize payment info between your PayPal account and online store, make sure that you fill out the Return URL and Notifications URL fields in your PayPal account.
1.  Log in to, open your profile at the top right corner, and go to Account settings > Website payments.
2. You will find a section Instant payment notifications, which has an 'Update' option. Click on it and in the next view 'Choose IPN Settings' add the Notification URL and under Message delivery choose 'Enabled'.
3. Under Website preferences click on the "Update" link. In the next window choose "Auto-return" and set it to "ON". Then add the Return URL
4. In addition please check your PayPal shopping button encryption settings. Click Update near "Website preferences" and select "OFF" next to "Block Non-encrypted Website Payment".