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Jani Kärpää
ProInno Design is a small Finnish design studio specialising in corporate image development and creative internet marketing. They were one of the first design partners who came on board in the very beginning when we just had launched our service back in 2008 (branded as Edicy, then). So we picked it up with Jani Kärppä from ProInno to see what they are up to besides having thousands of lakes over there.

ProInno Design — a brandname that puts emphasis on the design. But there’s much more to it, am I right?

Sure, without doubt! We do focus on design but our approach and mission goes beyond the simple meaning of the word “design”. For us, design is the whole concept, not just nice packages or neat looking business cards.

We focus on the core processes of a business and how the design can serve the clients and employees of the company. Design has to go hand-in-hand with inner and outer communication of the company, leading to higher grounds and to more efficient processes. Turning one’s focus on design can result in major changes but it’s all about getting the best results.

ProInno started using Edicy — Voog’s predecessor — more than 4 years ago. How did you come across it?

We were looking for a good platform to provide simple, customizable and cost-effective websites for our clients. From the start, we understood the need for simple websites with unique looks, but it also had to come with an easily managed user interface. And trust me — we tried many CMSs before winding up with a good one.

We actually heard it on the grapevine that there’s a website builder we should check out. Being a designer, I saw the potential right away and this was the platform we had been looking for for a long time.

What were the biggest pros and cons with Voog for you in the beginning?

Well, this takes us back to the design part. Our goal is to provide simple, yet impressive websites for our clients in a way that it supports their brand and internal processes. They have to be able to keep their sites updated with an absolute ease so that they could focus on serving their clients, not raging about their own website and CMS.

Voog gives us total freedom to design whatever we feel like. It’s also very flexible when it comes to going into more techy-parts of the functionality but we do not have to worry about any add-ons as such since everything is already built-in. It’s modern and in constant development — not much more to ask from CMS.

On the other hand, clients get the same sort of freedom and it has caused some problems from time to time. But at least they are playing with their sites and that’s because they can. It’s easy and it’s great fun!

Over these 4 years our website builder has grown quite a bit. Has it made your work with websites any easier or better?

Definitely, it’s been making our job easier from day one. Today we can create amazing things with Voog and clients are really surprised that they have full control over the elements and structure on their sites. Best comment I have heard was, and I quote: “This is the way how things should work!”. This is when you know you’re on the right path and heading to the right direction.

Clients tend to ask for solutions they’ve already used or heard about. Have you seen any reluctance when pitching Voog (probably not a very well-known CMS) to your clients?

I am a bit surprised but there haven’t been many doubts with Voog. We are already using it on a great number of websites. Showcasing our previous works and how Voog is turning them into a fully functioning package has always done the trick and convinced the client enough.

There has been quite some chatter lately that developers and project leaders should take responsibility as to which platform should be used for their clients. With that in mind, how do you make a decision as to which CMS to recommend to your clients?

Indeed, I agree. Developers need to be able to decide the right platform for their client and step it up at the right time. You can’t hit nails with a screwdriver and it’s a waste of time if you try to do so. If a client wants you to take care of that part of their business then they also put in trust that you really know what is best for them.

And this takes us back to the design again. We want to reshape our clients’ work and processes to be more efficient. For that, we need tools that enable customization and run smooth before we can recommend it to our clients.

Although there are hundreds of website builders available, you’ve still stayed with us. What are the main reasons for that in your mind?

The truth is that we do use other platforms as well but Voog has been the one we go with for the most of our clients. It’s just the easiest and most flexible website builder for us and for our clients.

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