The Birth of La La Lastela Online Store

Ethel Linnasaar

Marketing manager

Are you looking for unique and exciting products to decorate a children's room? There's no need to search further – La La Lastela is an Estonian company dedicated to offering the most adorable and remarkable products that cannot be found elsewhere in Estonia. Bring your child's bedroom dreams to life with La La Lastela! In this blog post, we delve into the story of La La Lastela, including their journey to creating the Voo online store and share tips they use to make their daily business operations smoother. We also reveal what inspired La La Lastela to create an outstanding online store for children's room decor and design.

To write this story, we reached out directly to La La Lastela's founder, Eliise Tust, to share their experiences with e-commerce. Read on to learn more and discover the magic behind La La Lastela's success.

The Birth of La La Lastela: Creating a Company Dedicated to Children's Room Interior Design

How did La La Lastela come to be? La La Lastela was born out of a real need to find more unique interior and design products for our own little relatives' soon-to-be-completed room. Soon, it became clear that we couldn't find exactly the products we desired for furnishing and decorating this children's room in Estonia. Therefore, our search led us to several manufacturers from other European countries, and during the whole process, the idea simply emerged to try selling children's room decor and design products in Estonia ourselves. One thing led to another, and soon La La Lastela LLC was created, along with the immediate development of an online store.

Transform your child's room into a wonderland with wall stickers. Image by: La La Lastela.

Why Voog is La La Lastela's Primary Sales Channel: The Birth and Development of the Company's Online Store

Without our online store, La La Lastela LLC would not exist. Wanting to engage in the sale of products for children meant one thing for us – we had to build an online store! There was no other option for us, and it remains the same today. The online store is the most important and actually the only sales channel, tool, and business card for our company.

From the beginning, it was clear that we wanted to use a web tool – primarily driven by our nonexistent budget and the fact that we had absolutely no prior experience with web development. When it came to choosing between different web tools, it was a simple decision for me: it had to be a product made in Estonia. This was primarily to ensure our confidence and knowledge that customer support is always 100% available, no matter what questions, issues, or concerns we may have. Additionally, we wanted all the processes related to managing and maintaining our online store to be as convenient, easy, and fast as possible.

Understanding what we were looking for, we began to explore and search for a web development tool made in Estonia, and it didn't take much time or thought – Voog was clearly the best and most reliable service provider, based on our own impression and the feedback from other Voog customers. Now, our everyday business is almost entirely linked to Voog because our business relies solely on the existence of our online store.

Make your child's bed a place for sleeping, playing, and dreaming. Image by: La La Lastela

How satisfied are you with Voog? Did setting up the online store turn out to be more challenging than you expected?

As complete "web builders" in the beginning, we first started by researching and reading on Voog's website about what, when, and why we needed to do certain things. However, it must be admitted that we were quite impatient and practically started the setup work right away. We thought that during the entire setup process, we could try and experiment, and that way, we would learn to use all the tools and features Voog offers for web development.

In conclusion, it was a good thing that we were eager and didn't even have a specific vision for how we wanted our online store to look, especially in terms of design. It all started to come together step by step during the creative process, and it was incredibly exciting. It was all so exciting and easy because Voog is extremely user-friendly; everything is straightforward and logical, even for completely inexperienced individuals. With a little time and experimentation, the online store was created effortlessly. At least that has been our experience so far.

We're also thrilled that Voog constantly improves existing features and creates completely new ones. Over time, this has made managing our online store more efficient, primarily in terms of time savings. The latest feature we implemented is automatic data exchange with shipping providers. Previously, we manually entered and inputted each customer's data into the shipping provider's self-service environment to print the necessary package labels. Now, thanks to automatic data exchange, we no longer have to do that, and it saves us a tremendous amount of time.

Let your little one's imagination soar in their very own teepee tent. Image by: La La Lastela

The Simplicity and Authenticity of La La Lastela's Online Store

From the beginning, we made our online store as user-friendly as possible and aesthetically "bright and white" in terms of appearance. It's not overly cluttered with numerous subcategories and additional features – the customer should easily reach the products, quickly and easily get a good overview of them, and complete the purchasing process as smoothly as possible. Voog has made all of this possible. 

However, how we have specifically done things may be slightly different. The product photos in our online store are mostly taken by our own customers, not in a studio. We've stuck with this approach because from the beginning, we started receiving feedback from customers that they loved seeing what the product looks like "in real life" in its natural environment. And since photo material is important to us, the design template was chosen so that the photos are displayed prominently, and we can add as many photos as we need, exactly where we need them.

So our main strength is definitely the simplicity of our online store and its beautiful, bright, and cheerful appearance, as many customers have expressed in their feedback. 

Take a look at how La La Lastela's online store looks.

What to Keep in Mind When Building an Online Store?

If you're using Voog's web development tool, dare to experiment a lot and definitely try and learn to use all the features offered. It's through using these features that managing your online store later becomes much easier and faster.

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