10 Excellent gifts from Voog's online stores (2023)

Ethel Linnasaar

Marketing manager

Hello, dear readers, and may the Christmas spirit be with you! The holiday season is once again upon us, bringing warmth, love, and the joy of giving. If you wish to add a special sparkle to your Christmas this year, support local businesses, and surprise your loved ones with unique gifts, then you have come to the right place! 

Voog platform is filled with shining online stores where you can find exactly what you're looking for. We have handpicked 10 amazing gift ideas to make your Christmas more memorable and, at the same time, support Estonian entrepreneurs.

1. Hedwig Seaver Ceramics

Give this year uniquely crafted ceramics with care and love.
Hedwig Seaver is a ceramic artist with 13 years of experience, whose creations are inspired by her grandmother's china cabinet. "I am an example of how dreams have a way of coming true." After working in the automotive industry for 18 years, Hedwig found herself at a crossroads when she decided to stay at home with her younger son. Seeking a change in life and with the support of her husband, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

This year, gift your loved ones with uniquely crafted ceramics made with care and love. Through self-reflection, Hedwig discovered her passion for ceramics, leading her to establish her own brand, Hedwig Seaver Ceramics. She began her ceramics career with porcelain jewelry and then ventured into functional ceramics. Before diving into this field, she completed her ceramics studies at EKA Open Academy. Her goal was to stand out, and her style was shaped by the inspiration she drew from her grandmother's china cabinet, as she has always had a fondness for old dishes. The product range includes everything from mugs and vases to practical towel holders and small trinkets, making them perfect gifts for family or friends.

Online Store: hedwig.ee

Why Voog?

"While Facebook has worked very well as an outlet for me, I was sure that I needed a website and an online store. This is how I came across the Voog platform, through my personal brand developer. They considered various needs and desires regarding the functioning/updating of the site. The decision was made in favor of the Voog platform. The advantages of Voog include that it is much easier for me to manage the site, and the price-quality ratio is in place."

2. Vaha Valgus

Candles made from 100% pure Estonian beeswax.
Vaha Valgus (translate: wax light) has dedicated six years to crafting 100% Estonian beeswax candles. "Vahavalgus is a small family business where we take care of everything from start to finish, balancing the upbringing of our three children and various other responsibilities. Our 8-year-old daughter proudly introduces us as candle makers and honey sellers to new acquaintances."This family-run business, started by an inspired mother of three, offers a wide range of handcrafted candles. Each candle is a work of art, from traditional designs like beeswax sheets to decorative pieces with various patterns. Vaha Valgus candles are perfect Christmas gifts, bringing warmth and a touch of nature into any home.

Their love for candles began through collaboration with a beekeeper, from whom they obtained beeswax and candle molds. They initially poured candles for themselves and as gifts, but the enchanting aroma inspired them to start selling these beauties. Initially, they sold handmade candles at fairs, but pandemic restrictions increased the importance of their online store. Over time, the proportion of candle sales compared to other goods increased, and now Vahavalgus OÜ focuses on candle making and marketing on the Voo platform. "As we affectionately call it, Vahavalgus is one of our little babies."

Their selection includes beeswax, antique, and tea-light candles, as well as decorative candles. All the candles in their product range make perfect Christmas gifts

Online Store: vahavalgus.ee

Why Voog?

"The need to create an online store arose from the desire to reach a larger audience across Estonia with our candles. The advantage of Voog lies in its domesticity and the ability to communicate in Estonian when needed. The structure of the website is user-friendly and logical for both us and our customers."

3. Krentu

The reflective pendant glows in the beam of light, making you visible in the dark.
The reflective pendant glows in the beam of light, making you visible in the dark.
The story of Krentu Glow-in-the-Dark Pendants began about ten years ago on a simple evening when Evelin Kaur started crafting. Inspired by people who had made their own glow-in-the-dark pendants, they thought, why not do it together with their children! Surprisingly, making these pendants became more than just a hobby - it turned into a passion that fueled countless ideas. "I started enjoying this crafting much more than my kids did, and the ideas just kept flowing, so I made more of them than I needed."

The Glow-in-the-Dark Bear Pendant, glowing in a beam of light
Originally intended as heartfelt gifts for loved ones during Christmas, these sparkling creations quickly caught the attention of local women, igniting a demand that eventually led to the birth of the Krentu Glow-in-the-Dark business. Compared to crafting on the children's bedroom floor, the glow-in-the-dark pendants and their manufacturing technology have significantly evolved, but they are still 100% handmade in Noarootsi. Now, Krentu Glow-in-the-Dark products can be found not only in their online store but also in several museums and design shops.

Keep yourself visible with the new luminous pendant "Strawberry." It's the perfect Christmas gift—not too expensive, aesthetically pleasing, and it carries the message "take care of yourself; you are dear to me." Since Christmas is during the darkest time of the year, wearing luminous accessories is very topical, and you can never have too many of them. An additional luminous accessory is always welcome!

Online Store: krentu.ee

Why Voog?

"I started using the Voog platform primarily because it was one of the few that offered a beautiful design at that time. It was also important that it was an Estonian company. I like that the support is in Estonian. I would like to integrate the website with Smartpost so that I can input package data directly into the platform. Currently, it can only be done on their courier service page."

4. Karloova

Handcrafted collection Hea algus
Karloova, an Estonian company, specializes in creating local textile and solid wood toys for toddlers, with a special focus on safety. All playthings are meticulously handcrafted, paying careful attention to every detail. The products are made from ecological cotton, meet EU requirements, and carry the CE compliance mark.

The Grand Play Blanket is a delightful play area, providing a perfect starting point for a child's first exploration of the world! Karloova aims to create play items that offer children plenty of fun while developing their motor skills simultaneously. Children learn through play, so the goal is to make their playtime exploratory and developmental. "We believe that not all toys for children need to be brightly colored to capture attention but can achieve a more harmonious result by focusing on the activity. It is also important that these items blend into the home interior."

The brand was created seven years ago when two neighbors, Katri Kruuse and Kaili Kask, decided to combine textile art and marketing experience, giving birth to Karloova. They wanted to create toys that could be trusted, safe for a child to put in their mouth, easy to grasp, well-thought-out, and combinable. The company's name reflects their life in the Karlova district of Tartu and symbolizes heart-made creations.

Thinking about the littlest members of the family, Karloova's selection surely has something age-appropriate for every age group. Since the toys are developed in collaboration with experts - physiotherapist Maarja Säde and the Estonian Montessori Association - each product comes with a label indicating the recommended age and usage based on their suggestions.

Online Store: karloova.ee

Why Voog?

"I have now created four websites on the Voog platform and am very satisfied with both user support and the service. For me, the biggest advantage is the availability of functional and beautifully designed page templates to choose from, as well as almost real-time user support. If you don't have extensive knowledge of creating websites, Voog's templates are very convenient. We are happy and have confidently recommended it to friends as well."

5. Pollopsoni

A small part of Pallopson's store selection
A small part of Pallopson's store selection
Pallopson Design Store was born in 2016 when there was an idea to create a pop-up store for Estonian design in Saaremaa for the summer. However, the reception from customers was so warm that it inspired the decision to keep the store open year-round.

Next spring will mark the eighth year of Pallopson Design Store's operation. They are always open to everyone who wishes to visit them in Kuressaare because, unfortunately, not all of their products make it to the online store, and on-site, the best and widest selection is always available for every taste.

Over time, they have expanded their selection to include designers from Latvia and Lithuania alongside Estonian artists. For Christmas, they recommend putting something made with heart and love into the gift bag. For example, you might choose colorful and unique NADA earrings, comfortable TOKU slippers, or fairytale-like Arro porcelain dishes.

Why Voog?

"Right from the beginning, we realized that our customers are not only locals but also guests from all over the world. An online store makes selling our products much easier and more convenient. Certainly, this secure environment also provides assurance to our customers."

6. Olevus Art

Olevus Art studio in Apaaraaditehas
Olevus Art, based in Tartu, was born out of a passion for drawing, painting, and jewelry crafting. The word "olevus" was chosen precisely because animals, those adorable beings, have become the central theme in the brand's creations. This is alongside the city, wild houseplants, and wolf maidens.

For Christmas, the best idea is a creation made with local soul and passion. Olevus Art's creations are perfect for those who love animals and nature. Lightweight and comfortable creature-themed earrings make excellent companions for daily wear. Sticker sheets offer an affordable gift idea for people who want to stick cheerful and adventurous animals and birds to create a mood on phone cases, laptops, or elsewhere. Additionally, a notebook with drawings can be a fantastic gift for those who love to sketch, jot down thoughts or recipes, and create poems. Hopefully, the drawing on the cover inspires them to create on paper.

Online Store: shop.olevusart.com

Why Voog?

"Voog is convenient and intuitive to use, especially if you like a clean and clear design for your online store : ) It's easy to add other languages. I like that during holidays, you can turn off the purchase buttons and leave the store as a pleasant catalog. A significant bonus is that Voog is a domestic platform, and support is available quickly through the chat in the local language. A small suggestion for the future might be that Voog is compatible with made-to-order pages (e.g., printful)."

7. Viis Purki

These storage containers are very practical, utilizing your cupboard space to the maximum.
These storage containers are very practical, utilizing your cupboard space to the maximum.
Viis Purki, translating to "Five Jars," began with a focus on jar storage solutions and expanded its product range to include various organizing tools. They open the door to an adventure in home decor, providing clever solutions for home organization and tidying. The idea originated from a personal need to bring order to the home and find an organized place for all things. As the name suggests, the initial focus was largely on selling storage jars and labeling them. Over time, the product range has expanded significantly, encompassing clever storage solutions for different rooms, travel suitcase organizers, suitcase covers, and many surprising gift ideas. Viis Purki constantly offers an evolving product range, always seeking new and practical solutions to make everyday life even more enjoyable.

The best Christmas gift is one that brings joy not just for a moment but lasts into the future—a practical gift that is truly used. Viis Purki's online store offers a wide range of practical gift ideas, from various holders to stylish organizers. A special treat for travelers is suitcase covers and travel bag organizers. In their selection, you'll also find 100% soluble and natural stick teas, which have become a real holiday season hit. And if deciding is challenging, a gift card is always a good choice—let the recipient decide which practical surprise brings them the most joy!

Online Store: viispurki.ee

Why Voog?

"We chose the Voog platform considering the price and quality ratio and the visual options offered for the online store. The platform makes it easy to make changes and integrate with different systems. We waited a long time for the option to add discounted prices to the platform, as well as to be able to put a quantity behind each color for matrix products – this has now been done by you. We would still expect solutions to offer people different discounts, such as buy 3 products, get the cheapest one for free, etc."

8. Villem

Soft and pleasant-textured clay is made only from natural components.
Soft and pleasant-textured clay is made only from natural components.
Get to know Villem - a fresh online store with big goals. They have a wide range of products that bring joy to both the owner of Villem and every gift recipient. The online store features innovative and sustainable newcomers in the market. In addition, Villem offers a unique 2-in-1 experience on Instagram - an online store and an open lifestyle blog, where they share the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship. Adding spice to the mix are two real-life Villems.

If you're looking for Christmas gifts, Villem has surprises for the whole family! For those who say, "they have everything" or "they don't want anything," and you ponder forever what to give - in such cases, it's definitely worth taking a peek at Villem because there are surprises for absolutely everyone! Some favorites include Garzini Magic Wallets, Kokoa Square's fair trade cocoa powder, The Brew Company's innovative coffee and tea pots, eco-friendly NÄKK solid shampoo, and fun Milda modeling clay for kids. Each product is not only a unique gift but also contributes to Villem's goal of bringing joy, sustainability, and practicality.

Online Store: villem.ee

Why Voog?

"My background is 10 years in e-commerce, mostly in managerial roles, most of which ran on Magento, but I also gained some experience with Shoproller. For family businesses, I have been working with Weebly for over 10 years. So, I'm familiar with both sandbox solutions and automatic web engines."

9. Võlukunst

Võlukunst founder Maria Evestus
Võlukunst founder Maria Evestus
Võlukunst is a creative brand focusing on appreciative recycling, designed for people who value sustainability, playfulness, and uniqueness.

Founded by Estonian painter Maria Evestus, Võlukunst draws inspiration from fairy tales, dreams, and bygone eras. The Võlukunst online store was established with the desire to sell art pieces created with love directly from M. Evestus's home studio.

For home decor, you can find various mugs, paintings, and more in Võlukunst's selection. Võlukunst's art garments are hand silk-screened in an eco-friendly small print shop in Tartu on second-hand clothes. Each model is unique, and the editions are small. You can read more about the creative process here. In addition to eco-friendly casual wear and accessories, the Võlukunst store offers many other delightful art-themed souvenirs, particularly suitable for holiday gifts.

The best Christmas drink mug is undoubtedly a spacious, brightly colored art mug, and holiday wishes are worth sending with a charming Estonian art postcard, such as this one. In December and January, it's always a safe bet to get a new year calendar, especially nice if it's a truly decorative wall piece like Maria Evestus's charming and slightly dark 2024 art calendar.

Online Store: võlukunst.ee

Why Voog?

"I was looking for something similar to Squarespace, which I use for my personal homepage, and Voog seemed very similar and also domestic. I like that you can use simple pre-designed templates that can be customized as much as needed. Customer service is very fast, competent, and accommodating. Sometimes there are some odd quirks, like when creating a product page, the previous checkboxes tend to disappear, or the pop-up menu boxes tend to jump, but these are not insurmountable obstacles in terms of user experience."

10. Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation

Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation is a charitable foundation with the goal of providing the best possible medical care to Tallinn Children's Hospital, ensuring support for all patients from premature newborns to 18-year-old adolescents. A significant portion of the donations collected by the Support Foundation goes towards purchasing innovative medical equipment for the hospital and obtaining expensive medications for children with rare diseases. Donate to contribute to ensuring that children in the hospital receive the best possible treatment and assistance.

The most convenient way to make donations is through the Support Foundation's website. You can choose either a one-time or recurring donation in the amount that suits you. Spread the joy of Christmas to your loved ones by sending Support Foundation's Christmas cards. Help us make a difference and make a donation today!

Donate: toetusfond.ee

Become Your Own Gift Factory – Create Your Online Store

If none of these gift ideas caught your eye, don't worry! Good wishes and beautiful words can be enough this time. On the other hand, why not consider the idea of becoming your own gift factory? If you have a brilliant idea for a gift that you'd like to offer, why not start creating your online store today? Who knows, maybe the most desired gift is a Voog package, serving as a launching pad for your own factory.