Javascript template building tools

To get acces to additional tools, link to edicy-tools.js must be provided
{% editorjsblock %}
  <script src='{{ site.static_asset_host }}/libs/edicy-tools/latest/edicy-tools.js'></script>
    // Your code here ...
{% endeditorjsblock %}
  • Custom data binder - allows binding user defined additional data to site, page or article object. Data is later available in template on bound object.
  • Image drop area - makes an element listen and interact to image dropped from files panel (drag-drop image replacement).
  • Image/background and color picker – allows adding a button that opens a modal for changing an image and/or color.
  • Settings Editor – is a universal tool for returning template's configuration settings as key/value pairs. Returned data can be binded with site, page or article using Custom Data Toolkit.