Site search module

Include script and styles:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ site.static_asset_host }}/libs/edicy-search/latest/edicy-search.css">
Add search form to template. Take into account that user may not have search enabled in site settings:
{% if site.search.enabled %}
  <form class="search-form">
    <input type="search"/>
{% endif %}
Configure and initiate in javascript:
var searchForm = document.querySelector(".search-form");
if (searchForm) {
  var search = new VoogSearch(searchForm, {
    // Results are lazy-loaded on scroll.
    // This defines the number of results per query.
    per_page: 3,

    // Language code for restricting the search to page language
    lang: "{{ page.language_code }}",

    // If given an DOM element results are rendered inside that element
    // instead of modal (with scroll lazy load support)
    resultsContainer: null,

    // Defines if modal should close on sideclick
    sideclick: true,

    // Mobile checkpoint (adds class "voog-search-mobile-mode" if <= nr)
    mobileModeWidth: 480,

    // Updates results on every keypress
    updateOnKeypress: false,

    // If updateOnKeyPress is true defines the minimal number
    // of characters when search is made
    minQueryLength: 3,

    // Shows the arrow of default search modal
    showTick: true,

    // Positioning of the default modal relative to the input
    // Allowed values "below", "above", "auto"
    position: "auto",


The returned object from initiation has functions for directly handling modal behaviour.

var search = new VoogSearch(document.querySelector('.search-form'), {});

search.hideModal(); // Hides default modal
search.showModal(); // Makes default modal visible
search.positionModal() // Re-positions the modal


There are some events triggered on form element that cam be listened in javascript (when browser supports CustomEvents):

  • sitesearch:showmodal - default search modal is displayed (not with resultsContainer defined)
  • sitesearch:hidemodal - default search modal is hidden (not with resultsContainer defined)
  • sitesearch:loading - search has started and results are pending
  • sitesearch:results - search has recieved results. Results object can be seen from event.detail
  • sitesearch:positionchange - default modal position has been changed (window resized etc.)

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