What is a content area?

Defining content areas is essential in website building, as they contribute to creating visually appealing and functional pages. This guide will delve into Voog's content area options to help you develop an engaging website effectively.

What is a website content area?

A content area is a section of a web page where you can add various types of content, such as text, images, videos, or maps. Voog offers a range of content area options, allowing you to create visually appealing pages flush with useful information and features.

Let's explore the different content areas available in Voog and learn how to add them to your website.

How to add content areas in Voog

When you create a new page on Voog, you'll notice one or more "+" icons on the page. These icons allow you to add content areas, making it easy to define the structure of your site. Click on the icon to reveal a selection of content area types you can add to your page.

Cursor pointing at the 'Add content' button

Types of content areas in Voog

Clicking on the "+" icon presents you with various content area options in Voog:

Text: Use this content area to add paragraphs of text. Use multiple text areas to prevent accidental style mix-ups for different text styles.

A content area with the type of 'Text'

Designed for easy drag-and-drop image management, upload images straight from your 'Files' menu. Learn more about creating galleries here.

View of a 'Wall' type of gallery in gallery contect area

Form: Easily set up contact forms using this content area. To learn more, visit Creating and managing forms.

View of a form

Products: Automatically display store products with this content area. Read more about product lists here.

Example of 'Products' content area

Video: Easily add videos to your site. Learn more about how to use this content area in the Inserting videos and maps section.

An example of a video in the video content area

Embed web mapping services such as Google Maps on your site. Learn more in the Inserting videos and maps section.

View of a map in map contect area

Add social media widgets or share buttons (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud) to enhance your Voog site.

Cursor pointing at the Facebook button in social content area

Embed: Insert embed codes for external content, such as Google Calendar or Facebook newsfeeds.

Example of an embed code in embed contect area

Buy button:
Add a shopping cart button for store functionality on any page. Learn more about Voog's store functionality here.

Window of creating a new product opened for the making of a buy button

Now that you know the different content areas available in Voog, go ahead and experiment to create a truly engaging and functional site for your visitors.