What is a content area?

You can choose from numerous content areas to add all of the necessary content to your Voog site.

Once you've created a new page, you'll see one or several plus sign icons on the page. That's where you can add content areas. When you click on the plus sign, you can see a selection of different types of content areas.

Cursor pointing at the 'Add content' button

List of content areas

Clicking on the plus sign gives you a selection of the following content areas:

 — the content area for writing text paragraphs on your website. We suggest using multiple areas for different types of text parts on your website so that their style settings won't accidentally mix up.

A content area with the type of 'Text'
Gallery — the content area created especially for you to drag and drop images from your 'Files' menu. Please visit the Your pictures and files page to learn how to create a gallery.

View of a 'Wall' type of gallery in gallery contect area

Form — the content area designed to easily set up a contact form. Please see the Creating and managing forms page to learn how to set up and manage forms on your Voog website.

View of a form

Products – the content area that automatically displays the products in your store. To find out how the product list content area works, take a look at this guide.

Example of 'Products' content area

Video — the content area for you to add videos to your website. To learn how to add videos to the movie content area, please refer to the Inserting videos and maps chapter on the Managing your content page.

An example of a video in the video content area
Map — the content area to help you add a web mapping service, such as Google Maps, to your website. Again, please see the Inserting videos and maps chapter on the Managing your content page to learn how to add a map to your website.
View of a map in map contect area
 Social — the content area for any other kind of social media widgets or sharing buttons (for example, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud etc.) that you'd like to add to your Voog site.
Cursor pointing at the Facebook button in social content area

Embed - enter embed code, like Google Calendar or Facebook newsfeed, to your website.

Example of an embed code in embed contect area
Buy button — add store functionality to your current page with simple drag and drop. Buy button adds a shopping cart button to your page. You can read more about the store functionality from How to add an online store to your website?
Window of creating a new product opened for the making of a buy button