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 First, you need an idea. Then you need to figure out the details. Then mix them together. And unless you are a design pro, you'll never know what will actually come out in the end.

Luckily, Voog is a perfect tool for everyone – one can choose a ready-made template or create a unique design with our developer tools.

Let's see what are the design possibilities with Voog.

Ready-made design template

You can choose a template from our collection of diligently crafted designs. Add pages, fill them with content and your initial website is ready. Our templates cover different styles and colours so you should be able to find the one you fancy.

Customizing the template

"But I want to change the background colour!" No biggie. You can ask us to make minor changes on your website template — free of charge! Just contact our support team and we'll sort it out for you.

Unique design

In case there are too many things to be changed or your ideas are so complex that solving them requires designers to get involved we'll help you get a quote from one of our design partners. Our partners have built hundreds of unique and nifty sites with Voog. Why not get one yourself? Although you can of course contact our partners directly, we are more than happy to hear your ideas and help you to find the best partner for your needs. Again – just drop a line to our support and we'll get things going.

The best strategy is to go step by step. First, start off by picking one of the templates, get help from us when the content is set and switch to custom design when the initial site becomes too constraining. Your design can grow along your business and fit your changing needs.
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