Wordpress or Voog — which one to choose?

Voog team

Wordpress is the most popular tool in the world for creating websites. Can any of its smaller competitors even have some advantages over this giant? Here is our honest opinion but you are the one to make the decision.

What are the biggest differences between Voog and WordPress?

The biggest difference is definitely the fact that Voog is a cloud service, while in most cases, WordPress is a software in the classical sense of the word.

This means that if you want to build a website with Voog, all you need to do is create an account, choose a ready-made design, add your content, and – you have a website. True, you have to work on details, but you will still have the bulk of the website ready to go.

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WordPress (WP) first requires you to download the software, install it on your server, find a free or paid design you like, and install that as well. Once you have done all that, you can really start building your website. Although the process is simple and straightforward enough for an experienced WP user, it can be a real pain for people who are only just taking their first steps on the web.

I am sure I over-simplified the process of setting up a WordPress site, but that does not change the fact that Voog makes it much easier to build a website without any IT knowledge. What is more, with Voog, what you see is what you get, i.e. the administrator’s view of the website is the same as the visitors’ view.

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In WordPress, you can edit your site under an administrator’s panel, which is a far cry from the actual design. Yes, there are programs for WordPress you can use to manage the site directly, but using and managing them (updates, security) still makes website management a touch more complicated. The practically unlimited options are what make WordPress stand out from all other services. So, if you have the time and want to make pieces of code play together nicely on your website, choose WordPress.

When should you choose WordPress?

The most important thing to remember with WordPress is that you need to have enough IT skills and free time to build your site. Or hire someone to manage your site for you.

Like I said, WordPress is great because your options are almost limitless. Since it is an open-source software, countless plugins have been made for it, allowing you to create whatever functionality you need on your site. WordPress also has an insane number of ready-made designs. Not even the sky is the limit with WordPress.

wordpress plugins search page
You can find a ton of plugins on WP's website.

One myth I definitely want to debunk is that WordPress is free. It is not. The expenses are just different compared to Voog. First, you have to pay for your server and domain – this is a fixed cost and you cannot avoid it. Second, depending on what you want to do, plugins may be expensive. Many plugins are free of charge up to a point, but their real value is only revealed in the paid version.

Plus – if you build your website using pieces of code created by various other people, you will have to cover administration fees. In addition to managing the content, you will have to update all the plugins and the WordPress software itself. There is also always the risk that the plugins will not want to play with each other after an update and you will have a lot of manual fiddling to do – or buy the service from someone else. But when you ignore updates, you will have to deal with security issues, and that is something you most certainly will want to avoid.

When should you choose Voog?

Choose Voog if you lack the time or skills to handle IT issues yourself. You can almost say that for a small monthly fee, we can operate as your IT department. Aside from the fact that creating and managing a website is easier with Voog, we also provide customer support via email, phone or webchat. No customer of Voog has to worry about technical issues such as website hosting, security or updates. Even if you have a more complex problem, you can always talk to a real person and ask for help. Thus, we can give you more freedom to focus on the most important thing – the content of your website.

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Convenience has its limitations, of course. The options in our standard solution are much more limited than they are in WordPress – especially when it comes to more complex custom solutions. For example, if you want your website to have scrolling-dependent animation, then you can safely assume WordPress has a plugin for that, but creating the same thing in Voog requires special effort. However, if your company is just starting out and you need a multi-language website that is mobile phone friendly and has a great design, then Voog is the right choice for you.

You probably did not know this, but Voog is actually the preferred tool of many web agencies, such as Fraktal, Codelab, Sviiter, Redwall and others. So even if you need a special solution, you can request the services of a web agency and create a website that meets your needs exactly. But even in this case, administration will still be just as easy and convenient as it is with our “ready-made” products.

How complicated is it to switch over from one platform to another?

That depends on what you mean by switching over. If you want to move the whole lot and replicate the design exactly how it was, you are looking at a more complex operation.

It does not matter what you were using before – the design has to be rebuilt on the new platform. Combining design and functionality (so that going forward, you could manage your website conveniently) also makes switching over more complicated.

But if you are interested in only bringing over your content, we at Voog can offer a small piece of code whose entire function is to carry content from WordPress to Voog. Switching platforms like this is not complicated at all. Of course, that means the old content has to be put into the context of the new design and quite a few blocks can become meaningless. So, the most important thing to do when moving is to get rid of the dogmas of the old design and look at your website afresh – maybe some elements have become completely redundant over time. By the way, one of the largest websites we have moved from WordPress to Voog is the website of the Science Centre AHHAA.

Websites built on Voog can be downloaded any time, which means we have the input to make reverse moves possible as well. However, we have not created a separate code to switch over to WordPress, as people generally want to join us, not leave.

What are the pros and cons of Voog?

The draw of Voog is convenience. The second is our wonderful customer support. You will not have to browse blogs endlessly to solve your problems – we will help you. We will not just answer questions specific to the platform, but will try to help your business succeed in a wider sense. This means we are happy to give you our feedback on SEO, design, content and other aspects important for digital marketing. We at Voog consider our greatest strength to be multi-language websites; this is something we excel in even in comparison with our international competitors.

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You will come to realise that not everything is possible. What do I mean by that? Voog is not as flexible as WordPress. But 99% of our customers cannot feel the difference at all, since their needs do not require the full functionality of WordPress. In fact, there is no difference when it comes to standard websites. Here are a few examples of websites built on Voog: https://loodusegakoos.ee, https://www.kauss.ee, https://www.lentsiusdesign.com, https://disainikeskus.ee.

Balteco website hero image
This is Balteco's website that is built on Voog.

Should you consider switching platforms or stay where you are, be it either WordPress or Voog?

Are you happy with your website? If you get stressed and headachy any time you have to update the content, add something to the website or remove a piece of information, then you should definitely make the switch to Voog.

However, if your business idea has proven fruitful and you have grown to a size where you need custom solutions such as a self-service environment, log-in windows, precise and personalised information displayed to visitors, etc. then I suggest you contact us first to find out what would be the most reasonable solution. Our priority is to make sure our customers end up with a website that suits their requirements the best. Thus, our aim is to be web experts in more areas than just our own platform. If our own platform is not the best fit for you, we will be more than happy to help you find the solution that is.

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So do not hesitate to ask. We will gladly have a think about your issues and give you honest feedback about the platform we think would be best suited to you.

If you want to get in touch, write us: hello@voog.com
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