Which CMS suits you best?

Erkki Pung

This is a guest post by Erkki Pung from Sviiter digital agency. A website builder or CMS (content management system) is a tool for website admins for adding or changing the contents of a website. Which one to choose when building your next site?

There are many content editing tools available on the web and all that variety could look even similar in many cases, but when you take a closer look, you'll see how they fit to some segment for its functionality or target market. Some bigger web agencies have even developed their own CMSs, but we suggest using those for very specific needs only — when your client has their own development team or plans to outsource all development and editing. In our opinion it decreases the client's possibility to grow and also the client is stuck with services and possibilities from one development agency. In Sviiter, we have been focusing on two CMSs that we'd like to introduce to you.

It is OK to be mainstream

wordpress logo

The most commonly used CMS in the world is Wordpress, which, at first, was made for blogging, but for now, it has become the most popular CMS in the world. It is open-sourced and has millions of third-party developers. In its early days, Wordpress competed with Joomla and Drupal, but the amount of users has definitely risen towards Wordpress for now. It holds major popularity, an easy user interface, and like I said before, millions of third-party developers with whom Wordpress has gained a lot of plugins (747 761 277 total at the time of writing this blog post). Those plugins increase Wordpress' functionality and flexibility to implement several extra features such as payment solutions, product listings and catalogues, integration with third-party apps, language translation modules etc.

In other cases Wordpress is user friendly, not exactly what produces happiness hormones, but with correct usage definitely productive and useful tool. There are only two negative sides what we could think of, firstly, page edit view, where user can't see the real outcome of the page layout, and secondly, lots of updates what users need to manage. Updates are most annoying part of the process, besides updating Wordpress, users have to update for used plugins as well, just to keep the website running. Wordpress CMS itself is correctly documented and there are a lot of forums about it in the internet. It can be downloaded freely, but needs a hosting service (We suggest Zone or Veebimajutus for our Estonian customers and usually we leave that choice to our customers, because there is a large variety of hosting companies and most useful for customers could be their domestic service providers).

Be careful — you might like it

Second CMS what we use is Voog. It is made in Estonia and developed from 2014. It's major plus is simplicity and handiness for the end user. Possibility to edit text and media directly on webpage, makes the content editing process more personal and entertained. Voog is also all in one service, which includes hosting in their service packages, also adding or buying domain names. Paid service includes even buying some domains for free. 

Voog logo

At this time Voog runs under RMK (Estonian State Forest Management Centre) and Starman (Estonian telecommication company) and many others bigger sites, so everything is possible, depends on client's needs.

Using Voog, users don't have to deal with constant updates like in case of Wordpress described before. There are also no plugins needed, all extra functionality is created by using full open Voog API or third party APIs. Although, Voog documentation is smaller than Wordpress regarding to smaller community, they have fast and user-friendly support team.

Sviiter has knowledge to build websites on both and they always give their suggestions, which one suits best for the client according to project. If you wish to have a new custom made website or refresh the old one, send Erkki an email with your project description and let him help to figure out the best solution for you!

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