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Voog has become a virtual home for a number of amazing musicians over the past few years. Every one of them has their own specific website needs — some need just a landing page, some need a multilingual and fully detailed website. Lets dig in and see the various options available.

One of the best known and actively touring Estonian bands, Trad.Attack! seeked out our trusty partners at Redwall Digital and created a comprehensive multilingual site for their fans across the globe. They’ve made it available in English, Estonian, German, Russian and French, which is a testament to our simple-to-use multilingual tool.

Trad.Attack!, 2017

While talking about it — their first project on Voog was a website for a young Estonian fiddler and singer, Maarja Nuut. Check out the cool one-pager they’ve built that’s just enough to provide all the necessary details for her worldwide audience.

A screenshot of
The talented Erki Pärnoja started out with a simple landing page at first but later turned it into a full website, adding his new album and touring info. He’s using Anchorage — one of our standard templates, which is easy for the eye and simple to browse both on desktop and mobile. The Spotify and Bandsintown embedded widgets save him the trouble of constantly updating the site manually. Smart!

Chamber Choir Sireen took our standard template Firenze and easily customized it to fit their needs. Note that unline Erki's website, this one is more visual and based on their photography.

If you’re into cinematic soundscapes and beautiful songwriting, you already know I Wear* Experiment. Their website is another good example of how to use one of our standard designs and make it work for their specific needs. They are also using Voog's multilingual capabilities to connect effectively with their Estonian, English and Japanese fans!

I Wear* Experiment, photograph by Erin Tooma
Erin Tooma, 2017

But not all need a fully decked out website — Ines knows well how to get to the point. She offers all of her main social media channels and her management contacts. The cool band photo does the job to deliver a visual and simple experience.

So, if you're an artist and haven't created your virtual hub yet, whether its a custom collaboration with a design agency or simply something created by yourself in an hour or so, then we know a great place where you can start. Check out our musicians page and join us today!
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