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Having a platform for selling your goods online is vital for anyone who wants to reach a wider audience. However, if a few years ago, selling on the Internet was a small, often insignificant part of revenue for most shops, now it is becoming more and more relevant by the day.

Many people think that setting up an e-commerce site is hard and expensive. And it can be if you start looking for a designer or an IT company to set it up.

Luckily, with Voog you don’t have to. People with no experience with programming can easily set up a unique presence on the web that lets you easily showcase, sell, and deliver the goods you offer. Also, having a service provider host your website saves you from a lot of technical trouble. On a quality platform, your website will always have the latest software and all the security features will be up to date.

But if you’re reading this, you probably know, many sites offer similar services. And you’re right. Most of the platforms where you can set up an online shop, offer very similar features. So, you need to make your choice based on other criteria. You must try a tool and ask yourself some questions. Is it easy to understand? Can I use it without outside help? Is there help available when I get stuck?

Is it easy to understand? Can I use it without outside help? Is there help available when I get stuck?

Voog tries to answer “yes” to all those questions. And it also has everything a shop needs — from great design options to payment methods. 

If you don’t believe us, try it out yourself.

How to set up an online store on Voog?

Setting up an account with Voog is easy and you can have a basic marketplace ready in 15 minutes.

First of all, you need to register for Voog. When you sign up, you have an option to use a design template (all of those, you can change and customize later). Make sure, you choose one for an online shop. When you've chosen a suitable template, you'll have to provide a minimal amount of information so we can get you started right away.

When you complete the sign-up process, you will automatically activate a free 30-day Voog trial subscription. This means that you can try out everything Voog has to offer. Feel free to use these 30 days to get accustomed to our tool and to build up your shop without having to worry about immediately ordering a paid subscription.

When you’ve logged into your site, you can set up your Shop in the settings menu. In there you need to add your company details and you can set up as many shipping methods as you like. You can also set your store's VAT percentage.

Once you have filled all the mandatory blanks in the store settings, you can start adding the buy buttons on your website. Buy button works like any other content area in Voog. Just click on the plus sign wherever you wish to place the button and form the popover menu of content areas select Buy button.

The ideal shop in Voog

One of the main ideas behind Voog is to offer a platform for smaller shops that don’t have a huge budget to spend. So, if you’re running a fashion boutique or a local shop, Voog is the best way for you to go online.

From experience, we have found that the key to success for an online shop is to have a unique and beautiful brand that is specialized in a specific niche. In these cases, Voog will help you further improve your visual identity and come up with a site that truly stands out.

It’s also good to not have too many different items in one’s catalogue. We have seen that the most successful shops only have up to 20 products. As uploading and photographing items into the shop is anyway one of the most time-consuming parts of setting up a store, it makes sense to keep your marketplace tidy and clean. Although, of course, there is no limit on how many products you can set up.

If you think you’re ready to reach new customers online, then sign up to Voog and get started. You really have nothing to lose.

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