Voog e-commerce platform goes live

Tõnu Runnel


Anyone signing up from now on already gets the Voog online store features included. It's included in our Premium plan with no additional fees. If you already have a website on Voog then please just drop us a line at support@voog.com and we'll quickly roll it out for your site too.

Here are the two first online stores built on Voog. Hand crafted leather bags for life by Stella Soomlais:

.. and the super simple website for Tuul — natural skin care products for men:

Our solution

Voog store platform stands out of the crowd by a few significant characteristics:

  • It's unified. Your store and your website are the same thing. You can drop a checkout button straight into a blog post, list products on any page. No need to separate the store into a separate site.
  • Sell globally. Our website and online store engine is multilingual. You can set up your products for each of your differently speaking audience separately.
  • Full design power. Either customise any of our ready made designs as you wish with our design tools — or let your web agency build you a completely unique site with our powerful developer tools and open API.
  • No tech stuff. We take care of everything — host your website and store. And support you anytime over email or phone.
  • Sell anything. No matter if you are selling physical or digital products — or instead of selling, take in donations or collect some other payments — our platform is agnostic and works well for all those purposes.

So how does it work? Just watch this short introductory video and everything will be clear:

Why Voog?

You might wonder, why did we build yet another ecommerce engine. There's no shortage of different means of selling products online. Either build it on Shopify, Ecwid or Tictail — or host an online store on your own server like back in the good old days. Or you could skip building a website entirely and start selling straight on Etsy, Ebay or Amazon.

But turns out, these aren't really an option for small and medium retailers outside US. Most of the times we were asked by customers what would we suggest them for an e-commerce platform we fell silent.

Either the initial cost is too high or the learning curve gets too steep. Either the platform is good for selling but sucks for building all the accompanying views a normal website needs. Either the platform doesn't support some European payment methods — or local languages.

So after postponing it for years, in the end we just had to create our own online store engine. A platform, where e-commerce is an integral part of the website not a separate section. A service, that would take into account the hundreds of millions of global users and visitors, who require a multilingual solution, not an English-only store.

But most importantly, Voog gives its users complete control over their brand. You can either deeply customise the design and layout of the site on your own — or bring in your web agency to build a completely unique online store and website on top of Voog.

Over the years, tens of thousands of sites have been built on Voog. The owners of any of those can now start selling without all the hassle of launching and maintaining a separate service for that.

The basics

And last but not least — the basics. Yes, all the standard features are included in case you were wondering.

Easy to start. 
You can start selling your products — or receiving donations or whatever your e-commerce goal is — after just a few minutes of setup. Or you can dive deep and build a nuanced store with thousands of items on sale.

Payment processing. 
Voog can be integrated with a variety of payment methods and providers. PayPal, credit card processors, online banking. As a bonus we support offline payments too.

Global shipping. 
Set up shipping by offering differently priced delivery methods (e.g. expedited vs standard) and differently priced regions. Or if you want, just sell locally. Or sell digital goods with no shipping at all.

Full order management. 
Send automatic invoices / payment receipts to buyers. Get notification for each sale. List orders sorted by payment and fulfilment status.

Read more about it in our Store minisite.
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