Choosing a design upon signup

Check out our hand-crafted designs and go with the one you desire.

Switching between designs

You can grab yourself a new design anytime you feel like.

Getting a fully customized design

Go beyond our template designs and make your website unique.

Voog designs on tablets and mobile screens

All our designs are made responsive by default.

Using the background picker

Your Voog template comes with a simple background picker that helps you personalize your site quickly and easily.

How can I hide Voog logo from the footer of my website?

Our small logo at the bottom of your website isn't obligatory. Feel free to hide it, if needed.

Adding a favicon

Add an icon to your website - it'll be displayed on the browsers tab as well as in the favorites menu.

Voog design editor

Design your website on Voog without writing a line of code. Completely change the look and feel of a standard template by adjusting colors, switching fonts, editing paddings and margins.