5 tools to help you ditch inefficiency

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These are some happy days we live in. A decade ago businesses spent thousands of dollars per year to buy and upgrade sloppy box software. Now you can try out and subscribe to any kind of wonderfully crafted web service that not only cover all the box software tasks but invent completely new kinds of collaboration tools on top of them.

Here are our five favorite collaboration tools which have helped our team to become significantly more productive over the last few years.

Call to Japan for free

You're guessed it, we're talking about Skype. Almost everyone has a Skype user, almost everyone has used it for once. At least. So why aren't you using it for your business? It's a perfect tool whether you're communicating with your co-workers, talking to your clients, partners or even making conference calls across the world. You can keep your beloved smartphone but use Skype whenever you can. No need to waste your profit, or what?

Forget Microsoft Office (on desktop)

Back in 90's, you must have loved MS Office. But, hey, it's 2014! Google Drive (Apps)  — and MS Office online — are here for you now. Of course, you can write a doc in MS Word, save it on your hard drive, then send it to your colleague, let him download it, edit, send back and so on. Sounds a bit pointless, when you can edit it online inside a browser window and get it done right there (on-site management, just like Edicy) — together with your whole team.

Track how much time you waste every day

Now, when you got 8 working-hours, then how much of it is spent on each task you have? Well, you can either take a wild guess OR you can track your time. Our developers have gone with Toggl, a tool developed by fellow-Estonians who run their business in California. Thanks to Toggle, we now know exactly on which project our time was spent. Besides, tracking time will help you a lot when it comes to reporting your big boss-man.

Enlighten your project managers

Okay, you can keep your precious project managers. But you can make their and your life much easier by using the right tools. In Voog, we use two different tools to manage our tasks. Developers, coders and designers have grouped their tasks into PivotalTracker, allowing all the members to add new and modify already existing tasks. On the other hand, our non-development team has chosen Basecamp. But in the end, they both serve the same goal — keeping your business on track.

In conclusion, stop wasting your money, time and nerves by using ancient tools just because you didn't know any better. Ditch inefficiency and take your business to another level.