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Voog is a great partner for developers and agencies building and maintaining websites themselves. Whether your customers need a fully functioning online store, or a website for their business, or just a personal blog, Voog can fit those needs. And while the platform is easy to use for an average user, it also offers a full range of tools to build unique and complicated websites from scratch.

To become an affiliate of Voog you first need to create an account on our home page. We need your account to link your contact information to the system. Next, write us to and let us know you would like to have an affiliate partner code.

What’s more, if you become a member of our affiliate program, you’ll get a bonus for each of your clients who starts and continues hosting their page on Voog. You’ll earn 50% of your customer's initial Voog subscription payment and 20% of every following payment. For instance, building 10 Premium sites for your clients would give you 2300€ in the beginning and an extra 1000€ on each following year the websites stay on Voog.

Everything is customizable

Voog is the easiest way to build a fully functioning website or an ecommerce site. But it also suits well for ordinary webpages or for a blog. For all of those different sites, in Voog, the key principle is that everything is easy to use and fully customizable.

When you build sites on Voog, you’ll see that our editor doesn’t restrict you in any way. Any vision you or your client might have, is easily doable.

You’re also not restricted by a coding language. Voog lets you stick to whichever code editor you prefer working on. Work with our HTML-based liquid template code, CSS and JavaScript. You can synchronise it with your website by pushing and pulling template files from the server with our simple command line tool.

You can also use our own API push, pull and manage bits of any of your websites’ content.

Peace of mind for you and your customers

Once you’ve built a page for your customer, they can easily add content to it themselves. As all pages are also easily editable from a browser. So your clients will be happy and satisfied for having a webpage, online store or a blog that they can manage themselves. And if they (or you) need help with anything or get stuck, Voog’s customer support is always there to help.

Join the ranks

There are already many specialists, agencies and developers developing and hosting custom sites on Voog. You can join them as well and benefit from our network and the monetary bonuses we offer our affiliates.

We see our affiliates as partners and are always happy to showcase them as well. So, if you’re an agency, building sites on Voog, we’ll be happy to promote you.

If you’re still not convinced, you should give it a try and see for yourself. 

Sign up for Voog now for free, and see all of our features in action yourself.

You can read a more detailed guide on how to become a Voog affiliate partner from our support page.

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