Your online store has new powers

Henn Runnel


Managing your products in your Voog online store just got a whole lot easier. We came out with new tools – an automated product list that automatically draws product pages. You can now also add descriptions and categories directly to the product settings.

Learn how to turn on automatic product listing and categories

Automatic product list and pages

Until now, managing products in your e-store was a time-consuming manual task – the product sheets had to be compiled by hand, and a separate purchase button had to be added to them. 

All that is now a thing of the past. Save time with the new automatically drawn product pages and the list that refers to them. For the latter, you can set different layouts, filters, display orders, the number of products to be displayed and whether your customer can add the products directly from the list to the cart.

New Product list settings on Voog website builder

The automatic product page that opens from the list brings together all the product information nicely - name, image, description, variation options. You can also add new content areas to the product sheet, such as a gallery, social media buttons or even a separate product list to show related products. If you have a developer helping you with your online store, they can also customize the look and feel of the product page.

Product categories

You can now assign categories to your products, making it easier for you to manage your online store. Add product categories according to their brand, type, location in your online store or even your planned campaign. Distribute your category-filtered product lists to different sub-tabs, or bring them all together in a single list. For example, this way, you can display promotional products on the front page or a curated selection of best-selling products.

Multilingual products

The new features also make it easy to have an online store in several languages. All the text fields of a product are translatable - title, description, categories, variations. If you have translated all the product fields and duplicated the store page from one language, your product list will automatically be displayed in the new language. PS! Never make copies of the same product for different languages – all translations related to the product can be managed within the same product.

new product list in your e-shop
See what the new product list looks like.

If you need a better overview of how to do this then Voog support is here for you.
There is an instruction on how to add product list content area to your online store. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help directly from our support.

What else is coming?

In the coming months, we'll be adding gradually the following features to your Voog online store:

  • Automatic category pages that display all products in that category that you have designated as publicly visible
  • New fields in the product settings such as dimensions and weight, SEO and reference price
  • Product mass management includes adding and removing categories, duplicating products, changing prices, publishing-hiding, etc.
  • Products mass-import from CSV format table
  • Export of products in Facebook Shops format
  • Interface with delivery providers Omniva, DPD, Smartpost - if one or the other is connected to your store, the e-store order data is automatically registered in your delivery partner's system. You can also download package stickers directly from Voog.
  • Adding an order from the administrative view

Do you have any feedback for us?

To make the Voog online store even more helpful for you, we ask you for feedback. Please email us at with answers to the following questions:

1. How can we make the automated product list, pages, and categories even better?
2. What are the most valuable features of the Stream online store for you, and what do you miss?
3. Which interface with the external service provider do you miss the most and why?

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