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Ethel Linnasaar

Marketing manager

"An Intuitive Website Builder That Focuses on Ease of Use and Multilingual Site Creation" are the words Hostingadvice uses to describes Voog. Before the end of the year, Voog's CEO, Henn Runnel, gave a very interesting interview to the American web hosting advice portal

Henn talked about the web tool that is Voog and its capabilities, “We all know the world consists of multiple languages. You have to know other languages to do business and connect with your customers or audiences around the world. So we built multilingual website building into the foundation of our product.” 

He also talked about the purpose of the Voog platform, "We want to make it simple for brick-and-mortar stores to build a presence on the web." He added, "so we’re covering this niche, and we’re getting bigger and bigger in the ecommerce space."

Read more in an interview with Henn Runnel here.
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