Discounts in online store, achievements of 2017

Henn Runnel


Voog’s online store is one year old, and we’re celebrating by releasing discount codes. Read more about this new feature, Voog’s achievements in 2017 and our plans for 2018.

Voog’s e-commerce module is simple compared to big players like Shopify or WooCommerce, but this also makes setting up your first online store or starting to sell from your existing website easier, and more affordable. Take a look how Voog compares to other e-commerce platforms.

Although a sample of potential customers said that not all the necessary functions were there yet, there are many who have seen their sales increase. There were about 100 stores who generated sales of over €200K altogether.

Throughout the first year, we added new features to the online store based on the feedback of early users, to make the service fit the needs of a wider range of customers.

Thanks to the feedback, we developed and released the following: product variations, translation of product names, stock control of items, exporting order details and fixes for a whole range of smaller issues. And of course, the feature that was requested the most…

…discount codes

Clever discounts are widely used to make appealing offers to customers in order to increase sales. Now you can also do it on Voog. You can plan different kinds of discounts using discount codes. You can share them on social media and in your newsletters. Your clients can redeem the discounts from inside the shopping cart. Read more about using the feature and its options from here.
Discount codes can increase your online store's sales

Adding new discounts is easy. You can create discounts on selected products, the whole shopping cart or just on shipping. The discount can be a percentage of the price or a fixed sum.

Sales results of Voog in 2017

In addition to expanding the e-commerce functionality, it was an interesting and successful year for the whole Voog service. Nine of the best months in terms of sales belong to 2017. About 1000 new paying accounts signed up during the year, and direct sales increased by 20% compared to 2016. The total turnover was about €460K, out of which 70% was made up with return from direct sales and returns from resellers.

Many new customers chose a design theme from our beautiful mobile-friendly templates, others chose to have custom designs tailored for them by our partner agencies. See some examples of those unique projects below:

If you need a website or online store, but our design themes are not enough for you, contact one of our partner agencies who’ll be happy to help you out.

A year of talking to our clients

We have never dedicated so much time and resources to talking with our clients using so many channels before. But, what does it mean?  

  • All-hands support in Voog
    All-hands support. In addition to new support agents Kersti, Merle and Kalle joining the team, all our developers and management team joined forces with support to be better aware of our customer’s viewpoint.
  • Therefore the role of customers’ feedback in product development has greatly increased. Two examples of this are both bringing SSL-security to all subscription plans faster and improving the SEO of Voog.
  • Live chat — from this summer you’ll be able to talk with our support agents via a chat window, directly from inside the app.
  • Better onboarding for new customers — we’re actively reaching out to all new customers to make sure their needs are covered by the functionality of the service. When necessary our onboarding team will make an introductory offer to the service.
  • Writing helpful blog articles that make it easier for our clients to find their way within the online world. For example, we wrote about e-commerce trends, why you should switch your website to secure SSL connection, how to find illustrations and how to make better use of fonts on your website.  

Voog's team 2017

Plans for 2018

In 2018 we will continue expanding the e-commerce features, adding new design options, and we’ll release new design themes, as well as much more.

I suggest keeping an eye on our blog. Each month we will be publishing a user story with one of our interesting clients. We’ve already written about the work of jewellery artist Tanel Veenre and product designer Stella Soomlais. In addition to taking a look at their professional activities, these customers also reflect on why they chose Voog for their websites and what they like and dislike about the service.
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