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Take a quick tour of Voog's essential tools

If you’re new to Voog or don't feel so sure about using the essential tools yet, then we’ve got good news for you. We’ve added a little walkthrough to get you going instantly. Sign in or to take a quick tour to see the basics. But if you know your way — just skip this step.

Social media buttons — drag and drop

Voog social media buttons
Now you can just drag and drop essential social media sharing buttons to your page — no coding skill required. The new "Social" tool includes sharing options for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. There's even a choice for good ol' e-mail.

Enhanced toolbar

Also take a look at the toolbar itself — the tools just got a nifty facelift, looking and feeling real nice on your phone too. 

 Voog toolbar got a nifty facelift

Hide untranslated languages

Voog is perfect for building a multilingual website. Adding a new language is a breeze. Still, you might want to take your time with translations and not worry about anyone seeing your content only half-baked. To achieve that we've added an option to hide any of your site's languages from the public. It allows you to work on translations at a suitable pace.

Hiding your website's language on Voog gives you time to work on translations
If you're a developer hiding a language provides you an instant sandbox where you can try out new layouts and updates without breaking anything that's publicly visible.

No more "Where's my blog post?"

Managing your blogs became more intuitive and fun. What has changed?

Quickly publish or hide your blog posts on Voog
Quickly publish your hidden blog posts. We've added clear-cut buttons for that. There's also a draft mode — visitors can read your already published post, but won't see the changes and updates that you're working on. Voog doesn't publish new changes automatically.

Better overview, more controls.
Did any of your blog posts ever stay hidden when you wanted to publish them? Oops! It won't happen again. You can check and change the status of all blog posts from the blog management view. You'll also see a small notice about the status while editing each post.

Multiple blogs across several languages — no problem. Overseeing different blogs across multiple languages became so much clearer. Blogs are now properly grouped by language and you can clearly distinguish different blogs by their path.

Add links to your gallery

Did you ever want to...

  • show off your featured products on your front page that link to specific product pages?
  • list your partners’ logos with links to their websites?
  • link to sponsors of your event?

The easiest way to do that is to use the gallery tool. We enhanced it in a way that you can add a different link to each of your images. You could add a bunch of links to your subpages (i.e. products) or links to your partners' websites.

Add links to gallery images at Voog

Domain names — don't let them expire

Forgetting to extend your domain name sucks. When it expires, someone else can take it, and you could lose your precious digital property for good. To help you prevent that we've added reminders to our interface. You'll start seeing the notice when there are still 30 days left to extend. There are also notices to let you know when your Voog subscription is about to expire.

Voog lets you know when your subscriptions are about to expire

If you still missed the deadline to extend your domain, get in touch with our customer support as soon as possible. There might still be something that we could do.

Advanced SEO tool

Open-source SEO tool for your Voog website
We’ve consolidated the most frequent SEO-related support requests into a single drop-in solution that makes managing your URLs, titles and redirects a breeze. It’s publicly available right here and free to use and tweak to your needs. If you need help setting it up, contact us at

Sweet stuff for developers

  • The default 404 page now shows a link to the closest existing page.
  • Wildcard 301 redirect is now available — it keeps links to subpages from breaking when you move your website to a new domain name.
  • Editable element field rendering for element.field for-loop is fixed.
  • You can use numbers in your element field names.

Free trial

If you're new to Voog and found yourself reading up to here, then Voog might really be the tool for you. You should try it. Hit the button below to start your free trial!
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