20 product landing page examples and how to create your own

Dragos Voicila

Content Marketing Manager

Product landing pages focus on conversion. Their primary goal is to engage the user enough to make them take a desired action related to a product.

If you're looking to boost sales or generate leads for your product or service, you've come to the right place.

This blog post will show you the real potential of a well-designed product landing page. We've compiled a list of 20 brilliant product landing page examples to help you learn from the best. We've also put together some templates that you can use to create engaging product landing pages.

Let’s get started with the fundamental question.

What is a product landing page?

A product landing page is a dedicated web page created for a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where you end up after accessing an embedded link from an email, social media, or a stand-alone ad.

Product landing page - Figma

Image source: figma.com

A product landing page is different from other web pages. Why? Because it focuses solely on converting visitors into paying customers or newsletter subscribers.

Aside from a product landing page’s main goal, there are also derivative targets.

  • Collecting metrics and insights into user preferences: Once a user “lands” on your page, you can assess conversion rates. You can gather data on the user's commercial preferences and online behavior. All of these help tailor future marketing strategies and adjust product development.
  • Optimized communication through targeted messaging: Your landing page is where you can showcase your product’s features and benefits in accordance with the preferences of your target audience.

  • Product landing pages have specific roles within the marketing funnel.

  • Lead generation: Landing pages are often the first touchpoint between a potential customer and a brand. They play a crucial role in lead capturing and lead generation. Engaging content and offers can spark visitors’ interest, which can persuade them to provide their contact info.
  • Segmentation and personalization: You can create different landing pages for different customer segments. This can be done based on customers' interests, behaviors, or demographic information.

  • The differences between product pages and product landing pages

    Product pages and product landing pages differ mainly in purpose.

  • Product pages have a more informative role. They provide details about a product or service. Product landing pages, however, serve different marketing campaign objectives. These can include making a purchase, completing a signup, and more.
  • Because they serve different purposes, they are also different in design and content. Product pages include more comprehensive content. This helps the user make an informed purchasing decision. On the other hand, product landing pages are more focused. They cut out distractions and often use emotional triggers combined with social proof to drive conversions.

  • Differences between product pages and product landing pages

    20 great product landing page examples

    Most product landing pages nowadays are responsive. They also take into account user experience (UX) principles. This helps keep visitors active and can increase the likelihood of conversion. Intuitive navigation, fast loading times, and clear, compelling content prompt users to take action.

    These two factors also have a major impact on search engine optimization (SEO). UX factors like page load speed, mobile-friendliness, and easy navigation decide a company’s search engine ranking. Optimized landing pages generate more organic traffic, leading to increased brand loyalty in the long run.

    Let's explore the following product landing page examples.

    1. Apple iPhone

    Apple product landing page

    Apple's iPhone landing page is striking. It has a minimalist design and powerful messaging. It features high-quality images of the device and clear, concise descriptions of features. The page has easy navigation guiding users through the various iPhone models and their capabilities.

    What makes it stand out

  • This landing page uses engaging visuals, interactive elements, and straightforward call-to-action (CTA) buttons.
  • Apple’s brand reputation for quality and innovation also plays a crucial role in driving conversions.

  • 🎯 Impact: The landing page effectively showcases the latest iPhone's features and benefits. It drives product sales and maintains Apple’s brand image as a leader in technology.

    2. Zara

    Zara product landing page

    Zara's landing page for new collections combines high fashion with simplicity. It uses striking visuals of its latest clothing lines, minimal text, and a clean layout to draw users' attention to the products.

    What makes it stand out

  • The landing page's success lies in its focus on visual appeal, reflecting the latest fashion trends and the quality of Zara's products.
  • The carefully placed "Shop Now" buttons make shopping easy.

  • 🎯 Impact: This approach boosts product sales and brand awareness. It highlights Zara's position as a trendsetter in the fashion industry.

    3. Blue Apron

    Blue Apron product landing page

    Blue Apron's landing page efficiently explains its meal delivery service. It has appetizing images of meals and clear pricing information.

    What makes it stand out

  • The page has high-quality images and clear, persuasive copy that outlines the service benefits.
  • The use of testimonials from satisfied customers adds credibility.

  • 🎯 Impact: The landing page plays a key role in driving subscriptions and increasing sales. It raises brand awareness by emphasizing convenience and quality.

    4. Shopify

    Shopify product landing page

    Shopify’s landing page for new merchants is a compelling example of how to market a service. It highlights other merchants' key features and benefits and includes a clear CTA to start a free trial.

    What makes it stand out

  • The landing page's success is attributed to its clear value proposition.
  • Social proof in the form of success stories and a risk-free trial offer lower the barrier to entry.

  • 🎯 Impact: This landing page effectively converts visitors into new users. It positively impacts Shopify’s market growth and brand recognition in the eCommerce platform space.

    5. Duolingo

    Duolingo product landing page

    Duolingo's landing page for its language learning app is colorful, fun, and user-friendly. It features engaging illustrations and concise copy that highlights the app’s ease of use. The page includes a straightforward signup process.

    What makes it stand out

  • The page has a playful design and clearly communicates the app's benefits. These two aspects, along with the immediate invitation to get started, contribute to its success.
  • The inclusion of social proof through user numbers and awards builds trust.

  • 🎯 Impact: The landing page has been instrumental in driving app downloads, user engagement, and brand awareness. It positions Duolingo as a leader in language learning.

    6. Tesla

    Tesla product landing page

    Tesla's landing page embodies the essence of innovation and sustainability. It showcases sleek vehicle designs through stunning imagery. It also provides information about performance and environmental benefits.

    What makes it stand out

  • The page integrates immersive visuals and detailed yet digestible information about the cars’ technology.
  • It includes interactive elements that allow users to customize their vehicles.
  • Tesla's reputation for disrupting the automotive industry ensures the success of the page.

  • 🎯 Impact: The landing page not only educates visitors about the benefits of electric vehicles but also drives reservations and sales. It reinforces Tesla's position as a pioneer in sustainable transportation.

    7. Airbnb

    Airbnb product landing page

    Airbnb's landing page is designed to attract new hosts by highlighting the benefits of listing their property. It features clear steps to get started, presented in a friendly and inviting layout.

    What makes it stand out

  • The earnings calculator tool adds a personalized touch, encouraging users to consider hosting.
  • The straightforward CTA "Airbnb Setup" simplifies decision-making.

  • 🎯 Impact: This compelling approach increases the number of new hosts. It contributes to Airbnb's growth, maintaining its competitive edge in the hospitality industry.

    8. Adobe Creative Cloud

    Adobe product landing page

    Adobe's landing page targets creative professionals. It showcases its suite of applications through vibrant visuals and videos, as well as detailed descriptions of each app. The pricing plans are clearly explained.

    What makes it stand out

  • The page's visual appeal captures the essence of creativity. The detailed information on the software suite's benefits caters directly to the needs of the target audience.
  • The option to start a free trial lowers the barrier to entry.

  • 🎯 Impact: The landing page drives subscriptions to Creative Cloud. It enhances Adobe’s presence in the creative software market, reinforcing its commitment to empowering creatives.

    9. Nike

    Nike product landing page

    Nike's product landing pages for new releases feature high-energy visuals. They also contain information on the product's development, performance benefits, and athlete endorsements.

    What makes them stand out

  • The blend of high-quality product imagery and punchy, one-word CTAs like "Shop" or "Move" creates a motivational browsing experience.
  • Nike’s brand strength and association with top athletes add credibility.

  • 🎯 Impact: These landing pages drive sales of new releases. They strengthen Nike's brand loyalty by emphasizing innovation, quality, and the connection between the brand and athletic excellence.

    10. Spotify

    Spotify product landing page

    Spotify’s landing page for new subscriptions is vibrant and engaging. It highlights the vast library of music and podcasts available. It also features information on subscription benefits, and an easy sign-up process.

    What makes it stand out

  • The emphasis on the variety of content available makes the page appealing.
  • The clear, no-commitment CTA to "Get Spotify Free" encourages immediate action.

  • 🎯 Impact: This landing page is key in driving new user sign-ups. It promotes the premium subscription model and maintains Spotify’s position as a leader in music streaming by emphasizing accessibility and personalized listening experiences.

    11. Grammarly

    Grammarly product landing page

    Grammarly's landing page uses a clean design to communicate the service's benefits. It includes clear explanations of how the tool improves writing across various platforms.

    What makes it stand out

  • The interactive demo allows visitors to experience the value of the service firsthand. Customer testimonials add credibility.
  • The simple, direct CTA to "Sign up It's free" minimizes barriers to entry.

  • 🎯 Impact: This page effectively compels users to install the Grammarly extension. It ensures that Grammarly expands its user base and reinforces its market position as a leading writing assistance tool.

    12. Netflix

    Netflix product landing page

    Netflix's landing page for new subscribers showcases its wide range of entertainment options through captivating visuals and videos. It emphasizes the freedom to watch anywhere, cancel anytime, and the variety of content available for all ages.

    What makes it stand out

  • Dynamic visuals and straightforward messaging effectively communicate the service's value proposition.
  • The prominent "Get Started" CTA is highly compelling, urging users to take action fast.

  • 🎯 Impact: This strategy successfully converts visitors into subscribers. It contributes to Netflix’s subscriber growth and cements its status as a premier streaming service.

    13. Canva

    Canva product landing page

    Canva's landing page for new users is vibrant and inviting. It illustrates the platform's ease of use and wide range of templates and design elements. It features user testimonials and examples of designs.

    What makes it stand out

  • The page emphasizes the platform's accessibility for both professional designers and novices.
  • Social proof and the low barrier to entry make this landing page highly effective.

  • 🎯 Impact: Canva's landing page drives user registration and engagement. It showcases Canva’s capabilities and reinforces its position as an intuitive design tool for everyone.

    14. Headspace

    Headspace product landing page

    Headspace's landing page is calming and minimalist, mirroring the app's purpose. It highlights the benefits of meditation and offers a glimpse into the app's features through visuals and videos. It also invites users to try it for free.

    What makes it stand out

  • The use of serene colors and imagery promotes the calming effect of the app. The clear, compelling copy encourages visitors to begin their meditation journey.
  • The CTA for a free trial is prominently displayed.

  • 🎯 Impact: The landing page effectively attracts new users interested in meditation and wellness. It contributes to the app’s growth and its mission to improve people’s health and happiness.

    15. Audible

    Audible product landing page

    Audible's landing page highlights the vast selection of audiobooks, podcasts, and exclusive audio content available. It includes enticing offers for new users and showcases the advantages of becoming a subscriber.

    What makes it stand out

  • The free audiobook with a trial offer encourages visitors to sign up.
  • Popular and exclusive titles help capture the interest of potential subscribers.

  • 🎯 Impact: By effectively communicating the value of an Audible subscription, the landing page plays a key role in increasing the service's subscriber base. This enhances brand loyalty and promotes the convenience and enjoyment of audiobooks.

    16. Mailchimp

    Mailchimp product landing page

    Mailchimp's landing page for new customers uses a friendly and accessible approach to explain its email marketing services. It highlights key features with playful graphics and clear, jargon-free language.

    What makes it stand out

    • The engaging, relatable visuals and straightforward copy demystify email marketing for beginners. The clear CTAs guide users through the process of starting a free account.
    • Mailchimp's focus on simplicity and powerful features appeals to both novice and experienced marketers.

    • 🎯 Impact: The landing page effectively converts visitors into users. It emphasizes the ease of use of the tools available, further establishing Mailchimp as a go-to solution for email marketing.

      17. Fitbit

      Fitbit product landing page

      Fitbit's landing page shows fitness devices' tracking capabilities through vivid imagery and videos. It highlights key features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and the Fitbit app.

      What makes it stand out

    • The high-quality visuals encourage visitors to explore the range of products.
    • The straightforward navigation and CTAs make it easy for visitors to find the product that best suits their needs.

    • 🎯 Impact: This landing page drives sales of Fitbit devices. It also reinforces the brand's position as a leader in health and wellness technology.

      18. Asana

      Asana product landing page

      Asana's landing page emphasizes the software's ability to streamline team collaboration. It features clear explanations of key features and engaging visuals that show the software in action.

      What makes it stand out

    • The landing page succeeds by clearly articulating the benefits of using Asana for team projects.
    • The inclusion of reputable companies that use Asana adds credibility.

    • 🎯 Impact: The landing page attracts new users by conveying how Asana solves common project management challenges. It contributes to the tool's growth and reinforces its position as essential productivity software.

      19. Textmagic

      Textmagic product landing page

      Textmagic's landing page effectively communicates its value proposition. It clearly displays the tool’s capabilities and its business applications.

      What makes it stand out

    • The page assures clients of the tool's ability to fit into and streamline their existing workflows.
    • The case studies and testimonials provide tangible evidence of how clients benefit from using the service.

    • 🎯 Impact: The landing page helps Textmagic attract a wide range of potential customers. It also positions the brand as a vital tool for improving customer engagement.

      20. Voog

      Voog product landing page

      Our landing page highlights our versatile website-building platform. It emphasizes its capability to create multilingual websites, online stores, and customizable sites for developers.

      What makes it stand out

    • Highlighting customizable templates and the ability to start from scratch caters to both beginners and design-savvy users. This offers flexibility while encouraging creativity.
    • The call to "Start for Free" lowers the entry barrier, inviting users to try the service without financial commitment.

    • 🎯Impact: Our landing page was meant to position the platform as an accessible, flexible tool for creating online presences. It appeals to a broad audience from multiple industries.

      Best practices for creating product landing pages

      After making sure that you have a clear, compelling value proposition, secure the following:

      ✅ Engaging visuals that tell your product’s story and highlight its main features/functionalities

      Mobile responsiveness for different screen sizes and devices

      Optimized loading speed — use tools like TinyPNG or TinyJPG for file compression to ensure images and scripts load almost instantly

      ✅ Compelling CTAs that spur visitors to take action (“Buy now”, “Sign up for free”)

      We asked the product marketing manager from Textmagic to share a few words on what makes a high-converting product landing page. This is what she said:

      SME quote on creating product landing pages

      Ensure a smooth landing page design

      ☝Always have the end-user in mind. Make navigation a breeze using an uncluttered layout, and try to keep navigation elements to a minimum.

      ☝Try to include interactive trust signals in your landing pages. These can include testimonials, reviews, or trust badges.

      A/B test your landing pages

      🔎 Test to ensure that you have the best version of your product landing page. Starting with headlines and ending with images, this approach is bound to boost conversion rates.

      🔎 Combine user feedback with web analytics tools to see which areas need improvements. Then adjust accordingly.

      Maintain brand consistency

      🎨 Brand consistency sets you apart from your competitors. To ensure you stand out from the rest, stay consistent with your messaging, tone of voice, colors, and imagery.

      🎨 Include all of these in your brand guide to ensure that everyone, from designers to marketers to external agencies, is on the same page.

      Five product landing page templates to create your own

      Here are five templates to help you build your own product landing page for various business situations. We’ve also included some tips to help you customize them as you see fit.

      1. Welcome page template

      Welcome page template

      Download template

      2. eCommerce landing page template

      eCommerce landing page template

      Download template

      3. Software landing page template

      Software landing page template

      Download template

      4. Marketing landing page template

      Marketing landing page template

      Download template

      5. Sales landing page template

      Sales landing page template

      Download template

      Product landing page design trends for 2024

      📈 Landing pages are becoming increasingly personalized. Dynamic content presents endless opportunities, as it can be easily adapted to the visitor's demographics, behavior, and history.

      📈 As for design, less is more. The focus is placed mainly on simple, decluttered navigation and on the main message. Minimalist design will take over, helping the CTA stand out like never before.

      📈 The new trend is engaging users without losing points for page load speed. Interactive elements like animations will guide users along the sales funnel while having no negative impact on UX.

      📈 Voice search optimization will take over, considering the rapid development of voice-activated devices. Companies will strive to improve visibility in voice search results by focusing on natural language and question-oriented queries.

      Turn your landing page into a cash-generating powerhouse

      To transform your landing pages into revenue-generating digital assets, explore the latest design trends. Master the basics of conversion and optimization, and tailor your strategy in accordance with the shifting digital landscape.

      The examples we provided cover both the inspirational and practical parts of creating catchy product landing pages. They stand as a blueprint for marketing success, which will be marked by heavy innovation.

      Always prioritize UX and implement the latest technological advancements. Combined with unique branding and storytelling, these can transform a dull landing page into a catchy narrative that resonates.

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