Voog Spring update

Tõnu Runnel


Undo all your mistakes

undo action: page deleted in voog website admin menu

The big news is, of course, that now you can undo almost anything in Voog. Deleted whole French part of your site? Undo! Removed every colleague from the list of editors? Undo! Trashed a gallery from the product page? Again, just undo it. Right now you can only undo the latest few nukes. Later we’ll be adding a Time Machine-like feature, where you can also revoke older changes to the site.

Completely new galleries

various photos of nature and human activities

We’ve fully rewritten the gallery engine so that you can now have very different kinds of galleries on your website. Grid, slider, mosaic — or soon you can even let any developer build your own gallery or import open source galleries built in javascript for you.

Duplicate any page

Page settings in Voog website menu

One oft-requested feature has been duplicating a page — basically taking an existing page as a template for building another. Now you can multiply any page on your site — with a single click.

Add links to the site menu

voog pop up menu to add a new page or link

Before, menus consisted only of a strict page hierarchy but now you can add any link there too. Add a link to your Facebook page right into the main menu or make a shortcut to some lower level page in a higher level menu.

Premium plan for power users

premium 49 euro per month
Want to cover your public website with an SSL certificate? Need unlimited storage space? We have a plan for you — join Voog Premium for just €49/month.

Better mobile experience

screenshots of Voog website builder for mobile phones

Now you can manage your site straight from your mobile phone — edit texts, build galleries, invite users, buy domains — you can do all the same stuff on your mobile that is available for you on desktop.

New, interactive visitor stats

map of the world

We’ve completely rebuilt our statistics engine. On the outside it looks pretty similar, but in the background it now allows true live statistics. Every visit pops onto the map as it happens and in addition you now see latest 50 visits there too.

Düsseldorf theme

minimalist website design with colour and photo blocks

Our beautiful Berlin theme just got herself a sister — say hello to the Düsseldorf theme, homage to the great German city full of creative people. Check it out!

Wysihtml 5.0

various modern looking text fonts

Wysihtml, the popular open source rich text editor that is developed and curated by our team, just got a lot better. Rising from version 4 to version 5, we’ve made inline text formatting a bliss and solved a huge amount of editing edge cases.

Smaller improvements

There were a lot of smaller updates too over the last 3-4 months. Here are the most important ones — dragging a file to text area now creates a link to it, table management is so much better and positioning images alongside blocks of text finally works like a charm.
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