Voog Winter update

Tõnu Runnel


Database tools

Voog allows the most sophisticated customization of websites. Developers can build any kind of a site using our design tools and API. Now there’s another important power-tool available for professionals — the database tools. You can build product catalogues, portfolios, restaurant menus and any other kind of listing plus detail view combos with it.

Voog database tool

File collections

Some websites on Voog have tens of gigabytes of images, PDFs and other documents on their website. We’ve previously optimized content delivery and image sizes so that these images are quickly shown to all the visitors no matter where they are located. Now we made it easier to manage all those images and documents for the website editors — just group them as you wish. It’s pretty similar to tagging.

Voog file collection management

Improved UX: link tool, image and text editing

The main feature of Voog and any other website builder are the tools for content creation and editing. It’s mostly rich text — images, tables and lists interwoven into stylized text. We’ve refined the link and image editing and made the text formatting easier to use.

SSL support

We are soon rolling out a new pricing plan that includes SSL connection. It means that the information between your website and its visitors is protected with the secure https protocol. In order to switch your site to SSL already now, just drop us a line at support@voog.com and we'll make the switch.

Much cheaper domain names

Dot com domain names
Domain names now have up to 30% lower prices — for example .com is just €11/year and most European local domain names are between €11 and €13 per year.

3 fresh design templates

Two beautiful cities have now names on Voog map of designs — Madrid and Rotterdam. In addition, there's a bare bones, vanilla white design template for developers that bears one very special Soviet city name — Pripyat.

Voog design templates: Madrid, Rotterdam, Pripyat

New resellers: Dandomain, Zone

Dandomain, Zone
We have some great news — one of the biggest Danish and the biggest Estonian web hosting company started reselling Voog to their customers. Dandomain in Denmark offers Voog under the name Edy and Zone — who is also our cloud infrastructure partner in our Amsterdam server location — provides us to their Estonian customers as Voog. Welcome on board, guys! :)
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