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In the era of internet we've all become small-time journalists, photographers and writers. We publish and link, share and comment in a continuous flow. Pieces of writing. Pictures, videos and sounds. Mixes and mashups of them. Our audience, our 'readers' are everywhere across the planet. These days it costs nothing to become a publisher.

Every company is a small publishing house and its website is the journal, the manual and the private TV channel at the same time. No matter which service keeps your videos and photo galleries, which social media channels you inhabit, which apps you are publishing — the website is the connecting medium behind it all. The place where the more important, longer lasting messages are kept in order for your audiences.

We've been both building websites, branding companies and developing online publishing tools for the past decade and a half. Voog is the quintessence of our experience.

It's a tool for creatives to build beautiful, design-driven websites for themselves and their customers. Voog is user centric — it's light-weight, simple to use and takes care of all the tech side so that both the end-user and the agency are free of setup, configuration, updating, security, scalability and hosting issues.

In addition to ease of use, two more things set Voog apart from the competition. First — it's the best tool out there for creating multilingual websites. In Europe you just can't get around the languages, every website serves a market with at least 2-3 spoken languages. Secondly, Voog is exceptionally powerful behind the curtains. Developers building customer websites on Voog enjoy access to full API, open templating, desktop toolkit, database tools.

We are open to your ideas and questions — just email us at hello@voog.com. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the next news already soon.


Tõnu Runnel
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