What about my domain?

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Our support agents get daily requests about managing domains. Lets take a quick look on the issue and understand how to get your domain and DNS-zone working.

It’s been a while since we last talked about domains and it’s about time we take a fresh look on one of the most popular and often asked questions in our support section — what are domains and how do they work?

A domain name is a web address that you can rent and make your website available with. For example, when you sign up with Voog, you’ll first create your account with a subdomain like webuildhouses.voog.com. Once you’re done adding content to the site and you’re ready to publish, you can register a domain like webuildhouses.com and make it available through that address instead of the technical one from before.

Managing your domain is actually really easy once you get the hang of it.

What if I’ve already registered a domain before I joined Voog?

There is absolutely no need to worry — you can always point your already registered domain from another host at our server and you’re good to go. We strongly suggest using this option when you already have a working e-mail service so you don’t have to hassle with everything that comes up with switching the services.

Can I have multiple domains pointing at my website?

Yes, you can. There is no domain limit to the website and you can go down to specifics — it’s possible to just point them at the website separately, or redirect (some or all of them, it’s up to you!) to one domain or a specific page on the site.

We’ve built a simple menu for swift operating on such occasions.

What is this DNS I keep reading about?

DNS is the Domain Name System which helps put your site name together with it’s server address (known as A-records). Put it this way — every house has it’s own coordinates, not just an address. The same goes with domains.

DNS-settings allow you to add all sorts of necessary records to your domain. For example, e-mail services (known as MX-records), verification codes for Google (often done by CNAME or TXT-records) and to activate your subdomains (such as press.webuildhouses.com).

Since there are a lot of various records and they may need technical knowledge, be sure to contact your service support agents to get things done smoothly.

DNS-zone is like a game of connecting dots — the whole picture comes together once you set it up.

I’ve changed a few things in the DNS-zone and now my domain is not working anymore

Yeah, that happens. Every day. We understand that the buttons over at the good old DNS-zone might be a bit touchy. Again, if you’ve crashed your operation, please make sure you let the support agents know so they can help you out.

If anything is changed in the DNS-zone, please give it time to take effect. Usually it's a matter of 24 hours but it can be up to 72 hours as well.

Thanks guys, everything is running smoothly!

We believe that managing your domains is about as easy as it is to build an e-store with Voog. You just have to focus, avoid overthinking and making everything complicated. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is!
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