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Our action-packed 5-hour session focused mainly on our improved design editor, public API with filtering support and Toolkit set up tutorial. Last but definitely not least, Ando Haldna from Newtime took us through their agency’s experience with Voog and introduced an impressive Voog—Erply integration model.

And it's never been all about the theory. Combination of Voog and great designers/developers does deliver and here are couple of examples from the latest custom websites built on Voog:

Bootstrap Europe by Velvet;

PR Strategies by Neway;

Küllus by Newtime;

Intsikurmu Music Festival by Baas and Henn Runnel;

Protex by Fraktal;

On top of that — it’s not just about Voog. It’s about bringing together great developers and designers who are interested in building something beyond the Average Joe Business Website and making sure that end-users feel good about running their sites afterwards.

We’ll shoot out next Developer Day details soon so stay with us! And feel free to drop us a line at info@voog.com if you have ideas or questions about our developer world.
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Teet Parts

Teet is the ambassador of the pro users at Voog for designers, developers and hosting companies. He also talks to the media and web services wishing to partner with us.
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