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Building a website should and can be simple, no doubt there. For example: sign up to Voog, pick a design template, add content & pictures, link your domain and it’s done. Some say “EZ”. And if you ever need, you can keep going by adding contact forms, maps and videos, or analyse your website stats.

But, sometimes you need more, sometimes you might need deeper tools to run your business online. Whether it’s a nice, unique addition to your website or perhaps a tool for analysing your customer database.

First off, you’re lucky — there are thousands of apps and services that are built just for that. But then again — how can you know which one you should use? This might be a place where we can step in and help you out.

Meet Voog Integrations

Okay, let’s be honest for a sec — I don’t believe there’s anyone in the World who knows every app or service, nor are we any exception for that matter. But then again, we’ve seen quite a nice palette of different services over the years, giving us the opportunity to sort out those that look promising and useful.

So, instead of running around Google, you can now find a hand-picked collection of services under Voog Integrations — our humble “marketplace” with recommended and discounted services from our partners. And to kick it off properly, let me introduce couple of those which you can find under Voog Integrations.

Uplift Social

Marketing has been and always will be a tremendously fast-moving art. Social media is therefor a great example on how you can use different marketing channels to reach your clients. 
Uplift Social gives you smooth control over your social media channels by bringing them all together into one environment. Schedule your posts, use automated publishing and keep track on your performance straight from Uplift Social. 

Signup through Voog and get a 25% discount on your subscription. 


Well, I mean maps have been a part of websites for quite some time: starting off as static pictures and growing into interactive part of the website. For example, you can add your address with Google Maps in Voog within seconds

But how about custom maps? Most custom map apps require a bit of fiddling — build the map with CSS, host it somewhere and then use it.
But not with MapJam. Signup, create your map and add as many pins you like, group them and just take the embed the map to your Voog website. And, I mean, that’s all for free. You heard me.


Once you've launched your new project or established an auditorium, you'd most likely want to keep everybody in the loop about what's going on. You can either send e-mails manually OR you can optimize your time and use newsletters, e-mail campaigns.

Of course, e-mail marketing is nothing new in 2015. But what if you can overcome some of the most annoying parts of it? Simple drag&drop e-mail builder, great looking signup forms, auto-responders and unlimited email functionality + phone/chat support? Indeed, looks interesting.

Actually, this is just the beginning. We'll build a marketplace into the user interface as well, don’t you worry. Until then, see other apps like Positionly listed in our integrations page and feel free to drop us a line at info@voog.com if you are looking to get your name up there as well. 
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Teet Parts

Teet is the ambassador of the pro users at Voog for designers, developers and hosting companies. He also talks to the media and web services wishing to partner with us.
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