How to add an online store to your website?

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to set up your first online store.

How to add payment methods to my online store?

Bank links and credit card payments make the lives of your clients convenient and managing your store easier.

How to add shipping methods to my online store?

Read here how to add various shipping methods like Omniva and Smartpost parcel machines or different carrier services to your online store.

How to add product pages and product categories to my online store?

Creating product pages and categories is a feature only available in our online store templates. In order to create a product page and category you just have to create a new page and select the right layout.

How to add product variants?

Variants are alternative versions of a product, such as different sizes and colors. Adding product variants will make your product management more efficient.

Inventory management in your online store

Inventory management becomes a necessity when you have added a selection of products to your webstore. Adding a stock value will help to keep track of your available products.

How to create discount codes?

Read about creating discount codes for your e-store campaigns.