Overview of Voog's statistics

Statistics can reveal who are your visitors and to whom should you target your business to.

Getting your website to show on Google search results

Let the world know about your awesome website.

Can Voog be used on a personal server?

Taking a personal approach is a big step but we are happy to discuss it in details.

About backups and service uptime

We take care about your website anytime, anywhere.

Generating an export of your website

It's possible to generate an export of your website and then download it to your computer whenever needed.

Which browsers are supported by Voog?

Why are there problems with your Internet Explorer 6?

Adding Google Analytics to your website

Get into details and find our even more about your website's traffic.

How to generate an API token?

The API token enables you to make authorized API requests.

How to add a notification about using cookies on my website?

If you need to notify or ask consent about cookies on your site, you can add it easily to your site code.

Adding Facebook Pixel to your website

The Facebook Pixel has been gaining popularity among all other analytics platforms. The Pixel allows you to monitor website traffic, purchases on your website, conversion rates and much more.