20 Google ad examples and how to leverage them in your strategy

Dragos Voicila

Content Marketing Manager

With a dominant market share of over 80%, Google is the primary source for people seeking information online. Utilizing Google ads has become a strategic move for brands looking to build awareness and drive conversions.

This blog post analyzes 20 brilliant Google ad examples and provides valuable lessons for optimizing your own campaigns.

Leverage these examples for a more impactful Google ad strategy.

20 Google ad examples that just stand out

Most ads nowadays are responsive. Their messages can change dynamically based on user queries. This adaptability ensures a more personalized and relevant user experience.

Before diving into creating Google ads, you need to understand user intent well. This is key to navigating keyword research for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Let's take a look at the following Google ad examples.

1. Fiverr — feature-based, search ad

Fiverr Google ad

Fiverr stands out as a leading platform in the gig economy. It connects individuals offering diverse freelance services to those seeking to hire them.

🎯 Keyword targeted: freelance platform

Why it works

  • Compelling headline: “Fiverr Freelance Talent" communicates very clearly what the company offers.
  • Detailed service benefits: The ad's description provides additional details about Fiverr's services. It clearly presents the value proposition to potential clients.
  • Focused messaging: The ad successfully targets people looking for freelancers — Fiverr strategically placed the word “Freelancers” in the description.

What could be improved

Using a verb to turn the headline into a CTA (call-to-action) would make the ad more urgent and specific.

2. Shopify — feature-based, search ad

Shopify Google ad

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that focuses on assisting businesses in establishing their online presence.

🎯 Keyword targeted: create an online store

Why it works

  • Clear targeting: The ad effectively targets users searching for ways to "create an online store," as the headline matches the exact keyword.
  • No fluff: Shopify used short, punchy sentences in the description to convey the message of the ad.
  • 3. Semrush — feature-based, search ad

    Semrush Google ad

    Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform. It operates in the software as a service (SaaS) industry.

    🎯 Keyword targeted: enterprise SEO platform

    Why it works

  • Concise messaging: By mentioning "50+ marketing tools, 20B keywords, 800M domains," this Google ad copy example highlights Semrush's wide range of services within the character limit.
  • Vibrant image: The ad features an engaging visual element right next to the headline. The arrow symbolizes direction, which can act as a compelling cue for viewers to take action.
  • 4. Gucci — shopping, search ad

    Gucci Google ad

    Gucci is an iconic luxury fashion brand. It is renowned for its high-quality products, including clothing, accessories, and footwear.

    🎯 Keyword targeted: gucci women shoes

    Why it works

  • Visual appeal: The ad shows images of various Gucci women's shoes, showcasing product diversity.
  • Pricing details: Each product has clear pricing, aiding potential buyers in their decision-making process.
  • Shipping information: Free shipping details are highlighted. This adds extra value to the ad and incentivizes potential customers.

What could be improved

Including special offer details can incentivize users even more to click and make a purchase.

5. Mailchimp — value-based, search ad

Mailchimp Google ad

Mailchimp is a widely used business-to-business (B2B) email marketing platform. It operates within the digital marketing industry.

🎯 Keyword targeted: best email marketing platform

Why it works

  • Visual appeal: The visual with a girl at a desk creates a relatable image in the viewer’s mind.
  • Power words: The mention of “Tools To Grow Your Business" positions Mailchimp as a trusted partner in achieving business success.
  • Emphasis on ease-of-use: Highlighting Mailchimp as a “Free, Easy-to-Use Email Builder” indicates convenience and accessibility.

  • What could be improved

    The ad copy could specify some of Mailchimp's unique features or benefits for a more compelling message.

    6. CityMD — feature-based, search ad

    CityMD Google ad

    CityMD is a network of urgent care clinics. It provides accessible medical services without appointments.

    🎯 Keyword targeted: urgent care near me

    Why it works

  • Wordplay: The repetition of the expression “sick and tired” utilizes humor in a witty way, which can be extremely persuasive to some viewers.
  • Strategic extension use: CityMD effectively uses site links to provide useful details without cluttering the ad.
  • Insurance information: The ad addresses a practical concern for potential visitors by highlighting the option to check insurance coverage.
  • Extended operational information: Including details like the clinic's address, contact number, and operating hours positions CityMD as a convenient healthcare provider.

  • 7. MVMT — branded, search ad

    MVMT Google ad

    MVMT is a brand in the fashion and accessories industry. It specializes in watches and jewelry.

    🎯 Keyword targeted: MVMT watches

    Why it works

  • Brand visibility: The ad is highly relevant to the audience. It effectively targets people who are actively searching for the MVMT brand by name.
  • Clear product highlights: The ad showcases various brand designs: “Women's Watches,” “Men's Watches,” and “Women's Jewelry”.
  • Promotional messaging: Promotional offers like "Shop 30% Off Sitewide" can drive more sales during special occasions.

  • 8. Me+ Daily Routine Planner — app, search ad

    Me+ Daily Routine Planner Google ad

    Me+ Daily Routine Planner is a productivity app designed to help users organize their daily routines. It falls within the mobile application industry.

    🎯 Keyword targetedproductivity app

    Why it works

  • User-friendly copy: The ad conveys a user-friendly message by emphasizing features like “friendly reminders”.
  • Reinforced credibility: The display of the high app rating (4.8 ★) and the substantial number of reviews (140K+) establishes credibility among potential users.

  • 9. Amazon — shopping, display ad

    Amazon Google ad

    Amazon is a multinational technology and e-commerce company. It operates in various industries, primarily focusing on online retail.

    Why it works

  • Clear promotion: The ad features a compelling offer: “Spend $60, Get $15 Amazon Credit”. This creates a sense of value for potential customers.
  • Prominent visuals: The large and visually appealing product images make it easy for viewers to identify the eligible items quickly.
  • Household niche targeting: The selection of household items ensures relevance for users interested in home-use products.

  • What could be improved

    Adding a brief line about the promotion's expiration date could create a sense of urgency. It may persuade viewers to take advantage of the offer faster.

    10. Eve's Addiction — feature-based, search ad

    Eve's Addiction Google ad

    Eve's Addiction is an online platform specializing in quality jewelry.

    🎯 Keyword targeted: personalized jewelry

    Why it works

  • Compelling value proposition: The ad positions Eve’s Addiction as an affordable player in the personalized jewelry niche.
  • Diverse product range: The ad presents several jewelry styles, including “Custom Date Necklaces” and “Engraved Bracelets”.
  • Timely shipping: Emphasizing fast delivery, even for custom items, shows convenience to prospective customers.

  • What could be improved

    Visual representations of the customized jewelry or an image carousel could better showcase the products offered.

    11. Cult Beauty — shopping, search ad

    Cult Beauty Google ad

    Cult Beauty is an online retailer operating in the cosmetics and skincare industry.

    🎯 Keyword targeted: sephora skincare

    Why it works

  • Competitor ad placement: Cult Beauty strategically places its ads within the search results. It aims at diverting potential customers interested in Sephora's products to their website. This tactic capitalizes on users' search intent for Sephora and positions Cult Beauty as an alternative.
  • Visual appeal: The visuals allow users to preview the products. This makes the ad more likely to capture attention.
  • Product comparison format: The ads list the key ingredients of the skincare items. This format allows customers to compare products directly within the ad without having to visit different websites.

  • 12. Booking.com — feature-based, search ad

    Booking Google ad

    Booking.com is an online travel agency. It facilitates the booking of accommodation, flights, and rental cars.

     🎯 Keyword targeted: paris hotels

    Why it works

  • Effective use of extensions: The ad uses site link extensions to provide additional information.
  • Comprehensive services: Booking.com clearly communicates various accommodation options: “Hotels,” “Villas,” “Hostels,” and “Apartments”.
  • Actionable phrases: Expressions like “Book your Hotel in Paris, France now" encourage immediate action.

  • What could be improved

    Tailoring ads to a user's interests or past activity can make the experience more personal. For instance, ads can display related accommodation options if the user has previously searched for them.

    13. SE Ranking — value-based, search ad

    SE Ranking Google ad

    SE Ranking is a cloud-based platform. It offers a suite of SEO tools and solutions.

    🎯 Keyword targeted: seo tools

    Why it works

  • Precise targeting: The headline matches the exact keyword in the Google search bar. This ensures that the ad reaches users actively searching for SEO tools.
  • Hyper-personalization: The use of the word “Biz” (short for “business”) is a great choice for addressing the intended demographic — young marketing professionals looking for an all-in-one solution.
  • Comprehensive services: This Google ad example communicates that SE Ranking provides a wide range of SEO services.

  • What could be improved

    SE Ranking could improve the ad by specifying any unique features or advantages that set them apart from competitors.

    14. The Guardian — shopping, display ad

    The Guardian Google ad

    The Guardian is a British newspaper and online media organization.

    Why it works

  • Visual appeal: The ad design featuring the latest cover of The Guardian Weekly attracts viewers’ attention.
  • Special offer: The "12 issues for £12" promotion creates a sense of exclusivity and encourages immediate action.
  • Subscription trial: Promoting subscriptions mainly aims to gain long-term readers. The (CTA) “Try a subscription today” implies a trial, positioning The Guardian as a flexible publication.

  • What could be improved

    Including a brief description of the content or benefits of The Guardian Weekly could help potential subscribers better understand what it offers.

    15. Apple — feature-based, search ad

    Apple Google ad

    Apple is a multinational technology company. It operates in the electronics and software industry.

    🎯 Keyword targeted: iphone 15

    Why it works

  • Financial appeal: Trading in older iPhones for discounts makes upgrading to the iPhone 15 financially appealing for users.
  • Personalization: The "Compare iPhone models" section helps users choose the device they like the most.
  • Encouraging exploration: The "Tech Specs" section encourages users to research iPhone technical specifications. This helps users throughout their buying journey, from browsing to actually making the purchase.

  • 16. monday.com — video ad

    monday.com Google ad

    Image source: YouTube

    Monday.com is a cloud-based work operation system. It provides teams with visual collaboration solutions, operating in the SaaS environment.

    Why it works

  • Human connection: Featuring people in the video ad makes it more relatable for potential users by humanizing monday.com’s offering.
  • Visual demonstration: The video effectively demonstrates how monday.com can simplify complex work processes.
  • Highlighting key features: The video ad emphasizes the platform's key features. This approach helps viewers understand the functionalities of monday.com.

  • 17. Dropbox — feature-based, search ad

    Dropbox Google ad

    Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage solution. It allows users to store and share files seamlessly across devices.

    🎯 Keyword targeted: cloud storage file sharing

    Why it works

  • Minimalist approach: Dropbox adopts a minimalist strategy. It focuses on essential product information without overwhelming the viewer.
  • Accessibility across devices: Highlighting accessibility from any device reinforces convenience.
  • Strategic information placement: Dropbox placed details like plans, pricing, and business options so that users can quickly find additional information.

  • 18. Pipedrive — value-based, search ad

    Pipedrive Google ad

    Specializing in customer relationship management (CRM) software, Pipedrive is a SaaS company that optimizes sales processes.

    🎯 Keyword targeted: crm for agencies

    Why it works

  • Compelling offer: The ad mentions a 14-day free trial without requiring credit card information. This entices users to try Pipedrive risk-free.
  • Social proof: Highlighting the platform's rating as “The #1 CRM Software” adds credibility to Pipedrive’s offering.
  • Competitive messaging: By including price comparison and claiming to make salespeople “Unstoppable,” Pipedrive positions itself as a superior choice in the market.

  • 19. Docebo — value-based, search ad

    Docebo Google ad

    Docebo is a learning management system. It enables companies to manage e-learning programs for employees, partners, and customers.

    🎯 Keyword targeted: learning management system

    Why it works

  • Focused targeting: Docebo perfectly matched user search intent. They used the same keyword from the Google search bar in the second half of the headline and twice in the ad description.
  • User-centric messaging: By focusing on the viewer's need to upgrade their “Training Game,” the ad taps into the motivational aspect of continuous learning.
  • Clear value proposition: The ad communicates the value proposition effectively. It catches the attention of users who often skim through Google search results.

  • 20. LinkedIn — feature-based, search ad

    LinkedIn Google ad

    LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. It operates within the social media industry.

    🎯 Keyword targeted: linkedin marketing leads

    Why it works

  • Credibility building: Highlighting that “Sales Navigator is trusted by more than 80% of the Forbes Cloud 100” adds credibility to the service. This has the power to influence potential users.
  • Quantifiable benefits: The mention of statistics like "+51% Likely to Hit Quota" and "1B+ Leads & Prospects" provides tangible benefits of using the service.
  • Strategic information placement: The inclusion of extra links at the bottom of the ad helps viewers find more information on Sales Navigator.

  • Key takeaways from the above Google ad examples

    Stand out on the search engine result pages (SERPs) despite search ad limitations by learning from the above Google ad examples. These are the main insights you should keep in mind.

  • If you specialize in a specific niche, make it clear to gain your audience's trust.
  • Differentiate your business through a compelling "this, not that" approach.
  • Capture attention with a distinctive feature highlighted in your headline.
  • Emphasize the benefits of your product in your ad copy.
  • Pre-qualify leads by mentioning price points or requirements.
  • Infuse rhythm into your ad copy with alliteration for a memorable effect.
  • Use customer-related statistics, reviews, and ratings as trust signals.
  • Speak to your audience in a conversational tone for a personal touch.
  • Highlight the speed of your service through ad copy that reads quickly.

  • Best practices for writing better copy for your Google ads

    Here are some actionable tips to help you improve your ad copywriting skills.

    Craft attention-grabbing headlines

  • Use impactful words that resonate with your audience.
  • Test different headline variations to find the most persuasive one.

  • Highlight your unique selling proposition (USP)

  • Clearly articulate what sets your product or service apart.
  • Convey the value proposition in a concise, yet comprehensive way.

  • Use ad extensions

  • Leverage ad extensions for additional information.
  • Include relevant details like pricing, promotions, or key features.

  • Create a sense of urgency

  • Use phrases to prompt immediate action.
  • Highlight limited-time offers or exclusive deals.

  • We asked the PPC manager at Textmagic to share a few words on what makes ad copy connect with the audience on a deeper level. This is what he said:

    SME quote on Google ad copy

    How to analyze and optimize your Google Ads

    Exploring Google Ads is like playing chess — every move counts.

    Using Google Analytics (GA) is essential for improving your campaigns. GA provides insights that help you see how your ad resonates with the target audience.

    Track the following metrics to get an all-around view of your ad’s performance:

    Google ad performance metrics

  • Click-through rate (CTR) measures the percentage of clicks relative to impressions, gauging the ad's appeal.
  • Cost per click (CPC) calculates the cost for each click, helping you manage budget allocation.
  • Conversion rate signifies the percentage of users who complete the desired action after clicking the ad.
  • Cost per conversion evaluates campaign expenses, showing the average cost of each conversion.
  • Quality score assesses the relevance and quality of your ad, impacting its position and cost.
  • Impression share reveals the percentage of total impressions your ad receives, indicating its visibility in the market.
  • View-through conversions (VTCs) are particularly relevant for display ads. They track conversions that happen within 30 days after users see your ad.

  • Perform A/B testing regularly to optimize your Google ads. Consider the following tips.

    1. Regularly review and update keywords: Remove underperforming keywords and add relevant ones periodically.

    2. Test ad copy: Conduct A/B tests on ad copy to improve click-through rates.

    3. Optimize landing pages: Ensure that your landing pages are relevant for conversions.

    4. Experiment with bidding strategies: Test different bidding strategies to find the most cost-effective approach for your campaign goals.

    5. Explore audience targeting: Try out various audience targeting options to identify and reach your ideal audience segments. These options can include demographics, interests, and behaviors.

    Tools to measure and improve Google ads

    Understanding your own campaign performance is important, but gaining insights into your competitors' strategies can be a game-changer. The following three tools can help you succeed in the Google ad landscape.

    1. Semrush

    Semrush aids in planning, monitoring, and analyzing Google ad campaigns. It can also reveal competitor strategies.

    Key features
  • Position tracking capabilities: You can track how your target keywords are performing on your main domain with Semrush. You can also compare their performance against your competitors’ rankings.
  • AdClarity: This feature enhances display ad campaign performance by offering detailed insights into how effective ads are, audience behavior, and the competitive landscape. It allows you to compare your ads to your competitors', improve ad placements, and customize the content for your audience.
  • Search term bidding analysis: Semrush enables you to view your competitors' ad history and text ad examples in Google SERPs. This helps you grasp their

    strategies and refine ad copy by spotting recurring trends.

  • 2. ClickCease

    ClickCease offers white-label reporting. It ensures bot detection and 24/7 monitoring, while also analyzing competitor ad copy.

    Key features
  • Click fraud detection: ClickCease helps detect and prevent click fraud, ensuring that you don’t waste your budget on fraudulent clicks.
  • Daily position analysis: ClickCease analyzes your daily positions on paid search. It can also analyze your competitors’ positions.

  • 3. Lunio

    Lunio is an AI-powered, click fraud protection tool that analyzes real-time ad clicks.

    Key features
  • White-label reporting: Similar to ClickCease, Lunio also boasts white-label reporting capabilities. It allows users to present data with customized branding.
  • Fraudulent click prevention: Lunio contributes to cost-saving measures by effectively identifying and preventing fraudulent clicks.

  • Start creating eye-catching Google ads today

    The dynamic nature of Google ads calls for continuous adaptation and refinement. Creating eye-catching advertisements requires a strategic approach that should align with your business goals.

    Use the strategies we’ve included in this article to craft compelling ad copy. Don’t forget to research your competitors thoroughly to make sure that your ads outperform theirs.

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