Creating a template for blog page

Creating list of blog articles on a blog page is just a matter of looping through articles in this blog. On blog page, in addition to ordinary page object available on every page, there is also a blog object available giving you access to all properties related this blog and all articles associated with this blog.
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>{{ page.title }}</title>
    {% stylesheet_link "style.css" %}
    {{ blog.rss_link }}

    <h1>Welcome to my Blog!</h1>

    {% for article in blog.articles %}
      <h2>{{ article.title }}</h2>
      <p class="article_date">
        Created on {{ article.created_at | date : "%d.%m.%Y" }}
        by {{ article.author.name }}
      <p>{{ article.excerpt }} | <a href="{{ article.url }}">Read full article...</a></p>
    {% endfor %}

    <a href="{{ blog.rss_url }}">Subscribe to RSS feed</a>
    {% sitejs_include %}