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What happens on August 1, 2019?

We’re writing to notify you about the updates to our subscription plans and prices starting from August 2019. Nothing is changing for you right now but we wanted to let you know early on that you can extend your subscription with the old price before August and you will still get all the benefits of the updated plans.

In order to keep bringing more value to our customers, we are increasing our pricing to 8€ (+VAT) per month for the yearly Standard plan and to 13€ (+VAT) per month for the yearly Plus plan. We will increase the month-by-month prices at a corresponding rate. Prices will not change for the Premium plan.

Take the chance and create a new account or extend an existing subscription with the old price before August.

Voog subscription plan updates will be released on August 1, 2019
Updates of Voog are being baked. They’ll be ready in August.

What updates shall I get in August?

More storage space

All sites on Standard plan will be able to use 5GB of storage space instead of the current 2GB. Sites on Plus plan will get to use 20GB of storage space instead of the current 10GB. Premium plan’s storage space will remain unlimited, as always.

SEO tools

With search engine optimisation (SEO) tools for Plus and Premium plan users will get a central view to add and edit titles and descriptions of your subpages, and check if the descriptions are search-engine friendly. You’ll also get a preview of how your site will be displayed on Google.

Redirect tool

With the redirect tool, you can set up vanity URLs for your marketing campaigns or fix broken incoming links by redirecting your visitors from one URL to another. Oh, and wildcard redirects will also be supported. This tool will be available on the Premium plan.

Voog's UI/UX is getting a new touch
SEO tools will come with the new UI/UX design.

Got it! Any more news?

Voog online stores have sold more than 1,5 million euros

It’s our pleasure to say that the online stores on Voog are doing great — the turnover of all the stores has grown over three times compared to the same period one year ago and the growth trend is excellent. The monthly turnover of online stores on Voog is more than €100K and the total sales of all stores has just surpassed 1,5 million euros.

Voo veebipoodide kogukäibe juurdekasv

Online stores on Voog are doing great. Graph shows the monthly turnover of all stores combined.

Would you like to start an online store yourself? Read more about the features of Voog’s online store.

Add a payment provider with a few clicks

Since this spring, it's so much easier for the shopkeeper to add and modify their online store’s payment provider. For example, you can disable oflline payments (via PDF invoices) with one click. Currently, Voog’s online store supports PayPal, MakeCommerce and simple wire transfer invoices. Is your preferred payment provider missing? Please let us know and email us at

Voog makes eCommerce easy
It’s easy to add and edit online store’s payment providers

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