Managing texts

Manage texts on your Voog site with our powerful toolbar.

Building tables

Add and manage tables on your Voog page with just a few clicks.

Creating links

Adding links to your texts and linking different content is easy thanks to our toolbar.

Inserting videos and maps

Learn how to easily embed different content to your Voog site.

Using the undo function

Undo all of your mistakes seamlessly while you edit your website.

Inserting Google Calendar

Google Calendar will display important dates and events on your website.

Inserting custom content

Learn how to easily embed custom widgets to your Voog site.

Inserting Mailchimp pop-up signup form

if you want to use a Mailchimp pop-up signup form that can be embedded on your site you'll have to generate the form code and add it to your website. The best place to add the code varies from site to site.