Creating new or removing old pages

Expand your website structure by adding as many pages as necessary.

Reorganizing the structure of your website

Sometimes it's necessary to reorganize the structure of your website. Luckily, it can be done quite easily and there is no need to delete any of the pages.

Changing page titles and descriptions

See how to change your website page titles and descriptions the right way.

Password protected pages

Learn how to use our password protection function to share only certain pages with selected guests. The invitations will be sent out automatically by mail, which makes the use of this feature simple and private.

Changing page addresses

All of the pages on your website have automatically generated addresses which can be always changed according to your personal preference.

Hiding pages & making them visible again

You can control the visibility of all the pages on your site with a few clicks.

Creating a custom 401 and 404 page

Take control of the important messages displayed on your website and customize them to your needs.

Using the search engine

We’ve set up our own search engine that indexes your site and provides everything needed for your visitors to find blazing content fast.

Changing your page layout

You can easily switch in between our basic page layouts whenever needed

Duplicating content

You don't have to copy your pages content manually — just use our duplicating function to do it with just a couple of seconds!

Creating a link instead of a subpage

You can create a menu button if you wish to direct clients to a specific web address